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Hillary Clinton was out jogging one morning. As she passed a small boy she saw that he had a boxful of puppies. He looked up and said, "they're all Democrats". Hillary was pleased as she jogged away. She returned home and told her husband the story.

About a week later Bill was jogging by a young boy with a box of small puppies. He stopped and asked the young boy what kind of puppies they were. The boy looked up confidently and said, "they're all Republicans". Somewhat puzzled, Bill asked him if he was the same boy that told Hillary about his Democrat pups. The boy said that, yes, he was the same boy. Bill then asked him if he had a new box of puppies.

"No", said the boy, "they are the same puppies". Bill asked, "how can they be Democrats last week and Republicans this week?"

The small boy said cheerfully, "last week, when they had their eyes closed, they were Democrats. Now that their eyes are open they are Republicans".

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