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Hi. I'm Jesse.

My main goal on consverapedia is the same as my main goal in life, absorb as much information as possible.

I will be mostly focusing on literature. My current project will be Romance of the Three Kingdoms related articles.

Saw this on Romance of the Three Kingdoms website.

The Example of Colin Powell

  1. Obama is a powerful force. He has the support of Heaven(1), Earth(2), and Humanity(3).
  2. Obama's party, the Democrats, is controlling the whole Congress.
  3. The mainstream media--90% news outlets--hold the public opinion sway for Obama.
  4. Obama has a warchest of $1 billion, dwarfing McCain's $300 million.
  5. Obama leads McCain in all polls with hearty margins, and there are only two weeks left for campaigning.
  6. The only high ground McCain/Palin and their loyalists hold is Morality(4).
  7. And thus McCain/Palin and their loyalists put up defense from their last city in the final showdown.
  8. Obama's force assault the city from all directions, Obama's force being like hurricane surges, and McCain/Palin's city walls being like fragile levees.
  9. In the mid of battle cries, under raining stones and arrows, one loyalist betrays the city. He is Colin Powell.
 10. Powell opens a city gate. Powell smashes one levee. Obama's force pour in.
 11. Now McCain/Palin used to say, "This is free country. Everyone is free to pick side. But if you choose to fight for Life, you are called a loyalist."
 12. So if Powell wants to follow his conscience, if he wants to do what is right, he is free to do so.
 13. But why didn't Powell leave early to join Obama?
 14. Why did he stay and then cause damage at the most critical moment?
 15. He had his reason, but a reasonable person can objectively see bad faith in Powell.
 16. By Three Kingdoms standards, Powell is not an honorable general in this battle.
 17. Americana 2008 will be a great election. The final showdown will produce a great result. From it we will witness many heroes and heroic acts. We will teach our children to follow the examples of McCain, Palin, Todd, Giuliani, Romey, Thompson, Lieberman, Hockey Mom, Joe the Plumber, Joe Six Pack, etc.
 18. But we will teach our children to avoid the example of Powell.

(1) Heaven advantages = after 8 years of Bush, 2 wars, a crashing economy, we want change. (2) Earth advantages = the demographics have changed to favor the Democrats, and Obama operates the most impressive ground operation in history. (3) Humanity advantages = people greatly admire Obama and love listening to him talk. (4) The United States was founded on Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. The Democrats support abortion, and so they favor Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. The Republicans are against abortion, and thus they choose Life, which has the highest morality among the three.