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Turn Back Reagan Begins

With Democrats controlling the White House, Senate and the House, the small chance for fiscal responsibility is gone. Every bill will now include earmark spending we can believe in. Reagan championed smaller government and lower taxes for business. The Donkey rule is to grow government as big as possible and soak companies under with tax upon tax. Congress has the power and wants more of it. In the guise of helping America through it's fiscal crisis, Democrats have embarked on a mad campaign of failed liberalism. Everything that was denied to them over the last thirty years is now in the budget. As we write checks (Trillions) which we don't have, we devalue the dollar. As we throw hard earned tax dollars out the door, in the name of saving America, our problems multiply. The 2009 spending bill is just part of the first 100 days of the Obama administration, more to follow. $83 billion for Medicare does nothing but delay the inevitable. We can go line by line but it isn't necessary.

Do you really think Washington does it's bidding for the American people? The obvious way to fix this countries problems would have been to give 1 Trillion dollars back to the people. The American people could have invested $15,000. back into the economy. But no, ATV trails is what the American people end up with.

The real problem is that Democrats don't get our financial situation. If they did, all of Washington would be working together to fix our nations woes. Democrats don't see a financial crisis, they only talk financial crisis, they see an opportunity. Don't believe me? THE WORST FINANCIAL SITUATION SINCE THE GREAT DEPRESSION AND THE DEMOCRAT-LED CONGRESSES FIRST BILL WAS TO RAISE THEIR SALARIES, BY A MERE $2.5 MILLION A YEAR. [1] We all know, a year for congress is about six months worth of work.

The spending will surely continue, aka $410 billion for the 2009 Budget that includes just 9,000 earmarks. All the projections made by this government don't take into account when China feels the Dollar is no longer a worthwhile investment, then pegs it's currency on the Euro. This government can only print so much money before it is worthless.

The Reagan model that made us the most powerful economy in the world is being replaced by socialism, stagnant growth, oppressive redistribution of wealth. --jpatt 00:09, 2 March 2009 (EST)

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