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My User Page

I guess I should tell you a little about me, though I never know what to put in these things (you should see my facebook page; it's almost entirely empty).

My Name

You know my name already, but that's really only the name I go by. Liam is actually a nickname. I'm really William G. III. My grandpa's goes by Bill. My dad went by Willy when he was younger and now Will. My parents wanted me to carry on the name, but also have my own identity, of sorts, so everyone calls me Liam. What I'll call my son (when I have one, which is a loooong way off), I don't know. They didn't leave me many options, haha.

I'm Boring

That's kind of the only interesting story I have, so the rest of this will be short. I don't want to tell you how old I am, since I think the internet is a good equalizer, where we all have to treat each other as equals. Other than that, I don't have any special expertise, though I do have a thing for grammar, but it's hardly a special talent. I am a bit of a computer wiz, though I'm not sure it will do much good here.


I'm not big on userboxes (they're a little too reductive). If there's anything you want to know something about me, feel free to ask :-)

For my own benefit

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