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American Writer a Positive Thinking Movement by Pietro (Peter) Savo

Pietro (Pete) Savo, BS/MAS Conservative Patriot

Pietro is a principal business strategy consultant with over 25 years experience in lean manufacturing, operations, engineering, quality systems (TQM), and material management. He is a certified lean manufacturing consultant with the Supplier Excellence Alliance (SEA) and a senior lean consultant with the U.S. Air Force And U.S Army Manufacturing Technical Assistance Program (MTAPP) where he developed Lean Manufacturing tools for creating productivity improvements in the Department of Defense Supply Chain.

Pietro has published the following books: “PERFECTION - 10 Secrets to Successful Lean Manufacturing Implementation”, “Root Cause Analysis System for Problem Solving and Problem Avoidance and a freelance business writer.” Pietro has worked extensively with the Sikorsky Aircraft division of United Technologies, in various management roles from engineering manager responsible for supply chain cost and productivity improvements, lean manufacturing initiatives, and quality control. Pietro also co-founded the Cure Team a Sikorsky Aircraft failure analysis clinic project, specializing in Root Cause Analysis and he is also a former professor at Ito University.

Pietro holds an MAS degree in Human Factors/Aeronautical Engineering and a BS degree in Business Administration and is currently completing a Doctorate in Business Administration, 2011 (expected). Pietro created the term Manufacturing Research Practitioner ™ as the foundation for his Doctoral thesis dedicated to improving the United States Manufacturing Industry.

Pietro has lectured at, Boeing Aircraft, Lockheed Martin, Rolls Royce, Northup Grumman, Raytheon and United Technologies on various subjects such as Lean Thinking, Leadership, Team Building, Quality Systems ISO Registrar Selection and Root Cause Analysis. Taught Root Cause Analysis for American Society for Quality (ASQ)

Pietro proudly served in the United States Navy.

"Visibility increases Sustainability" "Non Sibi Sed Patriae"

American Writer a Positive Thinking Movement. Positive thinking got its start in America during the Great Depression. World History of Positive Thinking Researched and written by Nori J. Muster, 2002

Pietro is a former student of the late Yuzuru Ito, Ito University was established by United Technologies Company (UTC) to educate and promote Quality, Lean & Positive Thinking Philosophies across all UTC divisions worldwide. ----PietroSavoUSA 18:47, 7 April 2009 (EDT)