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I plan on editing articles relating to philosophy, politics, and religion

About me

I am of Russian, Czech, Polish, Slovakian, and Lithuanian descent

I am an Orthodox Jew

I was born in a non-religious family but became religious as are many other non-orthodox Jews, thus I am a Baal teshuva, which means a non-orthodox Jew who embraces Orthodoxy.

I am politically and fiscally conservative

I support the Republican party

One of the people who helped me become conservative was my economics teacher, he explained to my class how many of the liberal agendas like wealth redistribution, increasing the minimum wage, and gun control, not only do not work, but worsen the problems they are supposed to fix.

I later became religious

I know html and some Java

I am taking Computer Science at college

I know Spanish, some Hebrew, and can read the Russian alphabet

Sorry this is out of order I will fix it later possibly, just trying to give a brief history of me--Qweki2 12:55, 16 March 2008 (EDT)

Created articles

Black Republican

Jewish Republican

Republican Jewish Coalition

Animals C [1]

Animals G

Animals V

Animals W

Animals Y

Animals Z

Big Additions (deleted some false claims and added more information)


I redirected chechnia to chechnya

I redirected The Netherlands to Netherlands

I redirected Paul of Tarsus to Paul

I redirected J. R. R. Tolkien to J.R.R. Tolkien

I redirected Salvador Dalí to Salvador Dali

Yahoo ranking of some Conservapedia articles

Here is a list of conservapedia articles the place they are when you search for them on yahoo

Communist Party of the United States of

America #1 yahoo

Liberal Bias #2 yahoo

Young Earth Creationism #2 yahoo

The Gospels #3 yahoo

Liberal #4 yahoo

Old Earth Creationism #4

Theory of Evolution #4 yahoo

Theory of Relativity #4 yahoo

Abortion #5 yahoo

Big Bang theory #5 yahoo

Kangaroo #5 yahoo

United States of America #5 yahoo

Conservative #6 yahoo

Creationism #6 yahoo

Homosexuality #6 yahoo

Wikipedia #6 yahoo

Scopes Trial #7 yahoo

Intelligent Design #8 yahoo

People's Republic of China #8 yahoo

G-d #9 yahoo

Jesus #9 yahoo

Joseph McCarthy #9 yahoo

McCarthyism #10 yahoo

Communism #10 yahoo