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Alleged photograph of what is reputed to be
Rob Smith.
Hi! I'm Rob Smith. My interests are counterintelligence and sports.

Box score

CIA hit a first inning homerun when they bagged Nixon expert Monica Crowley, an early Trump appointment as National Security Council Communications Director. In the third inning, CIA scored on an error when National Security Adviser Michael Flynn quit over CIA veto of security clearances for his staff appointees. In the top of the fourth, CIA scored again when Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from CIA-sponsored witchhunts; in the bottom of the fourth, Trump homered when he exposed Obama administration's FISA abuses, bringing the crowd to its feet and hushing opponents. To lead off the fifth, the CIA went three and out flailing away at the Russian conspiracy theory. Trump opened the bottom of the inning with a single when he sign an Executive Order allowing the CIA free rein in drone strikes overturning a previous Obama restriction. He advanced to second when Mike Pence flied out on a statement Julian Assange belongs in jail for life; Trump stole third base when when he told reporters at a press conference Merkel and him found common ground in being wiretapped by Obama. Trump scored when Trey Gowdy hit a single to first getting FBI Director James Comey to admit Obama and other high officials had access to information on Michael Flynn that was illegally leaked.