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Hi. I am a right-wing Christian, who is against abortion, supports the death penalty and supports Mitt Romney for President. I support the liberation of middle-east countries and I directed Military spending. I am in favour of homeschooling and classroom prayer. I support the. GOP and all their candidates. I am against public healthcare and by extension ObamaCare. I am a teabagger and support cutting taxes. I am aligned with right-wing libertarian positions. I support the right to bear arms and own a gun of my own. I use it in hunting activities and range shooting. I am in favour of teaching Biblical concepts in schooling as an alternative to secular concepts. I am against same sex. marriage and believe marriage should be between only men and women. I believe that America was founded on Christian concepts and beliefs. (I.e the Ten Commandments). I am against spending tax money on NASA (think about the Tower of Babel). I believe that Obama may not have a right to be president and may be a Moslem. "Big government is just a mafia that has the power to legalize itself." -anonymous person

SGrosman 15:19, 30 March 2013 (EDT)