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conservapediaManual of Style, Quiz

Not preceded by a a prefix and colon__
Article layout after Intro pgh & Body__
More relevant to article__
Less relevant__
Least relevant__
To avoid the overuse of redirects__
Link only the__
So people can find your article__
Person's name in an article__
Write article names__
Example proper nouns__
If software must ever keep first letter small__
First use the article name__
Do not put in articles__
Non-gossip would be__
Link dates?__
Date style__
If the day is involved__
Comma after the day__
US Military style (if in context)__
Use if telling era of year__
Examples of how__
What could use Commonwealth spelling__
Editorial focus of CP__
To Check Spelling__
Some spelling checkers are__
There is software that assists writers with__
Good spelling inspires__
Example expensive writing help softwhere__
Names of a country__
Do not cite__
Use newspapers only if__
Citation format__
Newspaper citation format__
Then __
Scientific journals and papers__
Example standard of style__
Useful sources__
Found uncited article or section__
If a sentence needs to be cited use__
Bibliography comes before__
In the bibliography__
And also__
External links__
Bibliographies are not necessarily__
Bibliographies should__
Bibliographies can be divided into__
Use the bibliographic citation scheme__
The the alternatives are told in__
In the bibliography always include__
It is optional to include__
Can books and articles be combined in listing__
Alphabetize by__
If no author, then use__
For date of publication give__
Bibliography comes before__
Where is Further reading__
Further reading is__
Items in Further Reading should be__
Bibliography should emphasize__
It should include both__
Bibliography should if possible__
Free ebooks__
Bib. & some free __
Outdated or discredited sources__
If source is poor quality or biased__
About biased sources__
For each source__
Bibliography annotations (or short abstracts) should__
Bibliography info should be good enough for__
Re-directs & page name changes__
Moving pages__
To change an article name__
Category names__
Categories are also__