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Hello there.

I'm a British liberal academic currently studying for my GCSEs. I am sixteen years old this coming December and I like to think of myself as an intellectual and polite young man.

I have ambitions to become either a university lecturer in mathematics or become a climatologist, the latter being supported by my strong support for science and the scientific method, hence my username.

I will happily debate issues with people any time on my talk page, especially global warming or ethical issues (including abortion, homosexuality and capital punishment).

My contributions

Climate cycles

My images

Hopefully soon to be uploaded as soon as I figure out how to ask:

Climate cycles (temperature graph of the past 400k years)

Modern value is -55.5 degrees Celsius.
Present is on the left side of the graph; past on the right.
x axis scale is not equal all the way through. This is a quirk of Calc with large datasets.
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