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Destructive perspective

I've taken refuge in the democratic party recently until the republican party fixes itself or forces my hand. Conservatives have forgotten the meaning of Conservative. IT has NOTHING to do with religion; this is a secular state, we are not a nation of god. Until the Republican party either stops calling itself Conservative or denounces the atrocity that is the religious right, I will continue to vote Democratic, Libertarian and Whig. The sad truth is that the Christian church ironically took the wrong side, if they wanted a government that literally could see more of their influence, they would vote Liberal. We've forgotten what liberal and conservative means. It's big government versus small government, not secular versus theist, not atheist against god. To allow this party to continue would be a shame to the man who started it, Abraham Lincoln. The democratic party actually resembles Lincoln's republican party of the past more than the republican party does now.

Until we realize that all of these lies are present, we will continue to live as illusions, nothing more than smoke and mirrors.