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I am TerryO.


  1. Advertisements are prohibited.
  2. The operation of unauthorized wiki-bots is prohibited, only authorized wiki-bots are permitted.
  3. Unproductive activity, such as 90% talk and 10% quality edits may result cause your account to become blocked.
  4. All pages must be:
    1. family-friendly,
    2. clean and without foul language (as opposed to distasteful or ugly),
    3. concise (and not overblown),
    4. without gossip.
    5. Everything you post must be true (valid and accurate as distinguished from false or rumored) and verifiable (the information appears and can be observed elsewhere). Always cite and give credit to your sources (verify verifiability). Do not copy from elsewhere unless it was your original work.
    6. When referencing dates based on the approximate birth of Jesus, give appropriate credit for the basis of the date (B.C. or A.D.). "BCE" and "CE" are unacceptable substitutes because they deny the historical basis.
  5. Article Pages -- Do not post personal opinion in an encyclopedia article, on an article page. Opinions can be posted on Talk pages or debate pages or discussion pages.

TerryO 00:47, 8 April 2008 (EDT)