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Who I am

Hi, I'm a Liberal Atheist who has recently joined Conservapedia. The main reason for me being here is to keep an eye out for things that are offensive. I'm not here to stir up controversy, or to vandalize, or to make sweeping edits. I realize that this is a Conservative site, and I will respect that. What I do not think is correct is to combat liberal bias with offensive statements. Frequently I will ask for explanations about certain wordings, facts, etc., and will only edit articles after my issues with them have been discussed on talk pages.

Please don't block me simply because I bring alternative viewpoints into the equation. That will hinder your agenda as much as it will hinder mine. I will be respectful if I receive respect in return.

Also, I have been a Wikipedia editor for a few years now, and although I'm a bit rusty, I have a fairly solid knowledge of editing wikis.

What I'm doing

As I page surf through CP, I'll clean up articles, if need be. Little grammatical errors, poor sentence structure, and spelling mistakes annoy me, and I will fix them whenever I find them.

Also, if I find time after school, I would like to create some articles as well.