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Greetings all - I'm not a conservative Christian, however I read Conservapedia often.

Regardless, even though I disagree with much of the viewpoint on this site, I respect the right of people to have their own beliefs.

I created an account when I saw this act of vandalism because I wanted to correct it.

I participate in other sites which criticize the Christian viewpoint and I've never seen any Christians vandalize those sites. Therefore in my mind it is reprehensible for anyone to vandalize this one.

No one is required to respect a given viewpoint, but we ARE expected to respect people's right to hold those viewpoints.

But apart from that, because I do not share the perspective of the majority of editors, I will not insult anyone here by modifying any article. I will however act to revert vandalism when I see it.

Peace and goodwill to you all.