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Hello, my name is William. What you're reading now is my User page, here's a link to my talk page, feel free to use it if you want to tell me something.

About me

I'm a relatively young student with probably too much free time and willing to spend it on projects such as these.

I'm a conservative, fortunately so is many people around me so I don't have to put up with many uncomfortable questions or attitudes.

I like video games, particularly the Mario Bros. series, I've beaten NES's first one dozens of times.

My contributions

Most of the articles I've created is for the Video games category. I'm planning on improving the articles in the category to make them a reliable source for those looking for family-friendly entertainment for their children or for themselves.

I've also categorized uncategorized pages, put wikilinks on already existing ones and created redirects to various articles.

Relatively comprehensive articles I've prominently contributed to

So far not many, but here it is: