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Do not attribute the uncovering of Cindy Sheehan's commercial experiences to Sean Hannity.—The preceding unsigned comment was added by Bohdan (talk)

To Bohdan:

When I saw the citation to this "fact" was a Fox News article, I immediately had to read the article to make sure the citation was correct, since Fox News has become an embarrassment to true conservatives by being so inaccurate and biased. Of course when I reviewed the article, it is indeed Hannity and his conservative guest who are making this claim as fact. Neither Hannity nor this author in the Fox News article are journalists; they are neo-conservative pundits.

In the future, if you are to post to my talk page, do not tell me what to do or say and drop the unjustifiably arrogant attitude. Otherwise, I won't amicably debate any of these factual points with you and just assume my impression of your first post was accurate, and that you have no manners or civility.

"unjustifiably arrogant attitude", sorry if it came across that way, but Hannity did not make this claim. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Bohdan (talk)