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Hi there! I am chris, and I am concerned.

I would not call myself conservative or liberal, I don't think such polarisations are a good idea. Freedom of speech and freedom of choice are both extremely important to me. I will bring my children up this way, and if I felt that wikipedia trampled on those values I would start a new encyclopedia too.

What I'm saying is, conservapedia has a seed of greatness, but it needs work. It was started as an educational tool, for people who wanted to bring their children up with christian, conservative, america-centric values, and that's great. We are entitled to bring up our own children with any (reasonable, legal) set of values we choose. And wikipedia isn't compatible with those views.

The articles on opponents of the views held by most members of conservapedia are those which need most work. To formally oppose evolution for example, you need to have an understanding of evolution from an evolutionists point of view that is greater than that of your average evolutionist.

I have a number of views which some would consider conservative, and others which would be considered liberal. Generally, I am an economic conservative, and a social liberal. Politically, I am bored with the bickering between the two sides, which ultimately have become two sides of the same basically centrist coin.

Anyway I would particularly like to edit articles which cannot be slanted in any way, and try to help out where the conservative viewpoint crosses the boundary into bias.

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