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Thought it might be helpful to put the material I put on your userpage to this page

I Saw a Answers In Genesis show this weekend on ID. Dr. Georgia Purdom was the speaker. She was quite informative and gave the pros and cons of the ID movement. For example, she explained Dembski's Explanatory filter.

Here is an article by Dr. Purdom that may be helpful:

One of the things she discussed was Dysteleology and intelligent design. By the way, speaking of dysteleology Dr. Bergman has a nice article on pathogenenic viruses in regards to creationism:

Dr. Purdom stated that there were a variety of views within the ID and she seemed to like Phillip Johnson the best in regards to the ID movement and she quoted something favorable Johnson had said in regards to Genesis. If memory serves and it may not she quoted the following from Johnson: "The more frustrating thing has been the Christian leaders and pastors, especially Christian college and seminary professors. The problem is not just convincing them that the theory is wrong, but that it makes a difference. What's at stake isn't just the first chapter of Genesis, but the whole Bible from beginning to end, and whether or not nature really is all there is."[1]

Also, here are other key articles from the creationist camp regarding ID:

Conservative 19:36, 8 July 2007 (EDT)

Excellent intro, when I have time I look forward to reading more. --Ed Poor Talk 08:31, 19 July 2007 (EDT)