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Apologies if I missed something. There was a lot of vandalism and the server was very slow.

I have to admit that I raised my eyebrows at Taliban member John Walker Lindh. If he and Al-Qaeda member Adam Yahiye Gadahn are homeschooled Christians, that's very interesting, but I think you'd better cite a source if you put them back in because "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."

Franklin D. Roosevelt is just plain wrong, he attended Groton.

I'm going to put back Charles Fletcher Lummis and Christopher Paolini on your say-so, but it would be nice to have sources there, too. Dpbsmith 18:14, 23 February 2007 (EST)

I think the addition of the Taliban member was by a vandal who has been blocked, not by Harpie snark. Obviously no one would legitimately call a Taliban member a Christian!

I think I've heard that FDR was homeschooled, perhaps in grade school prior to Groton. He did travel extensively as a youngster, making one wonder how schooling was possible. His family was very wealthy and homeschooling would not be a surprise for such a child. Not that I want to claim credit for him, however!

I don't know anything about Lummis and Paolini.

Speed should improve with greater bandwidth now. Hope you see this entry, Dpbsmith, which I'll mark as "watched".--Aschlafly 18:39, 23 February 2007 (EST)

Yes, thanks. These are the diffs for the addition of Lindh and Gadahn. Dpbsmith 19:35, 23 February 2007 (EST)
Wow, you're right. Harpie has some real explaining to do. Adding Lindh looks like vandalism to me.--Aschlafly 21:21, 23 February 2007 (EST)
Uh, read their bios, both Adam Yahiye Gadahn and John Walker Lindh were Christian homeschooled. Either Conservapedia is going to have an accurate and complete article on homeschooling or it's going to have to censor information from it's articles which may be considered unfavorable to its stated orientation, it can't always have both. You choose. Harpie snark 13:04, 26 February 2007 (EST)
Dpbsmith was absolutely right to reject this "source", which is nothing more than Wikipedia itself! Please make it clear in your comments and links when you rely on Wikipedia.
In addition, where do you get "Christian homeschooled" out your source? Wikipedia says Lindh attended formal school until nearly a teenager, and there was nothing "Christian" in Wikipedia's claim of a brief period of homeschooling after that. Moreover, Lindh himself has obviously not been a Christian for many years.--Aschlafly 23:12, 26 February 2007 (EST)
Sources: Adam Yahiye Gadahn: New Yorker John Walker Lindh: Franklin D. Roosevelt: National Park Service
BTW, the article is Homeschooling, not Christian Homeschooling. Perhaps you may want to fix that. Either way, all three were Christain and Christian homeschooled as the sources show. But this and my earlier point prompts a bigger question which you seem to be ignoring. If we'd rather not have in the list those who were homeschooled but may be viewed as casting it in a poor light, then let's just come out and say that and not pretend that sources say something other than they do or rely on turns of semantics to contrive justifications for an incomplete list. If our ideas are indeed that strong and compelling, then they can easily withstand being scrutinized in full light of all facts, and to act otherwise by ignoring or dismissing unfavorable facts only undermines our position and claims and invites greater scrutiny. If we're going to not be viewed as a partisan tool we need to accept and acknowledge all facts and let the chips fall where they may. Better to succeed on the strength of our ideas rather than machinations and subterfuge, I'd think, don't you? Harpie snark 13:18, 27 February 2007 (EST)
Harpie, you can add here what is factual, but not what is misleading or wrong. Gadahn and Lindh are Muslims, not Christians. Surely you don't think attendance at a Christian school, or Christian homeschool, makes one a Christian. If that were true then Bill Clinton would be Catholic for having attended Georgetown. He isn't.
I looked at your first two links above. Neither claimed that Gadahn or Lindh were Christian homeschoolers. Gadahn appears to have joined some Christian homeschool groups out of necessity, and with serious disagreements. I found no claim that Lindh even did that.--Aschlafly 16:38, 27 February 2007 (EST)
Er, I'm getting confused here. There is no dispute over the fact that both Gadahn and Lindh are converts to Islam and that that they were Christian beforehand. It's also a fact that both were raised by practicing Christian families who schooled them at home. Which parts here do you consider misleading or wrong, that they were Christians who later converted to Islam, or that they were raised by families who self-identified as 'Christian,' or that they were homeschooled? Harpie snark 20:30, 27 February 2007 (EST)

Reverting the ID article

Please discuss reversions on the talk page, don't simply revert. Doing so is rude (and if this were Wikipedia would be treated very badly, doing it repeatedly on Wikipedia is about equivalent to a felony there). JoshuaZ 17:05, 6 March 2007 (EST)

Conservapedia does not consider it "rude" to fix an article that is entirely biased. PhilipB 17:10, 6 March 2007 (EST)