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Hello, Northwest, and welcome to Conservapedia!

We're glad you are here to edit. We ask that you read our Editor's Guide before you edit.

At the right are some useful links for you. You can include these links on your user page by putting "{{Useful links}}" on the page. Any questions--ask!

Thanks for reading, Northwest!

brenden 23:37, 18 September 2012 (EDT)

same sex marriage revert?

Greetings, and hope you are well. Just wanted to ask, why the revert of my same-sex marriage page edit?

KatieKomori 10:19, 1 December 2012 (EST)


A vandal on the loose. [1] I have told four other editors. If you are able, please block himU.U (talk) 02:34, 27 February 2016 (EST)

Expansion of Greatest Conservative TV Shows and Greatest Conservative Movies/Worst Liberal Movies, as well as Star Wars.


I noticed the great job you did in expanding the Worst Liberal TV Shows, and was wondering whether you are planning to do something similar regarding the Greatest Conservative TV Shows and the Greatest Conservative Movies/Worst Liberal Movies lists (namely the opening paragraphs).

Also, since I noticed you're doing a lot of edits regarding Star Wars currently, I was wondering whether you could expand it to include any real life influences on the characters and franchise. I know that the Empire was largely inspired by America during the time of the Vietnam War, and that the Rebel Alliance was based on the Vietcong (in fact, that's actually the reason why I'm, albeit reluctantly, an Empire supporter now, and probably full time as well). I included a bit regarding Palpatine being directly inspired by Richard Nixon, for example. Pokeria1 (talk) 08:53, 3 April 2016 (EDT)

+== Okay mate, that's enough! If you want to revert my edits then give me reasons that have more veracity than the weasel words you gave in the Summary of one of the pages.

I have reread the article(s), struggled through TAR's attached blogs, read your Northwest edit history and have realised you have no real understanding or knowledge of the words involved. Nor do you understand it is not advisable to link to non-existent pages which your reverts always do.
I am about to revert... again! If you revert me without good reason I will ban you.
AlanE (talk) 00:59, 13 April 2016 (EDT)

re: Lenin quote in Bourgeoisie article

re: Bourgeoisie article

AlanE is acting in good faith about the Lenin quote:

If you want to discuss the matter of the historicity of the quote with AlanE on the talk page of the article, here is a useful resource: 7 habits of highly effective historians

Thanks. Conservative (talk) 02:31, 13 April 2016 (EDT)

re: your note to me

I respond to your email from me.

Second, I will write a note to AlanE.Conservative (talk) 13:04, 13 April 2016 (EDT)

Princess and the Frog revert.

Just writing because I'm not sure why you reverted the Princess and the Frog removal from Worst Liberal Movies. The movie promoteshard work and family while condemning hedonism and nihilism and p k it's out the danger of accepting handouts and feeling entitled. This seems to me to be a deeply conservative film. --Whizkid (talk) 07:47, 1 June 2016 (EDT)


A simple question: do you believe in it, Creationism, or otherwise?--Pious (talk) 03:29, 23 August 2016 (EDT)

Account promoted

Your account has just been given a promotion to 24x7 editing and blocking privileges. Congratulations!--Andy Schlafly (talk) 22:02, 6 March 2017 (EST)

Congratulations! You do very good work on this wiki, which I appreciate. --1990'sguy (talk) 22:20, 6 March 2017 (EST)
Congrats! Keep up the good work! --David B (TALK) 22:55, 6 March 2017 (EST)
Congratulations. It is good working with you. JDano (talk) 03:36, 7 March 2017 (EST)


Dear Northwest, I changed your two-year block to 1 day for User:JohnZ. While I do not like profanity, I think that we should show a kind and understanding approach to users who have been around for years. Let's give him a second chance, and if he does it again, then we would be justified in coming down hard. This is a volunteer project, and CP wants to avoid a reputation of long-blocks-at-the-drop-of-a-hat. Thank you for your understanding. JDano (talk) 14:57, 12 March 2017 (EDT)