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G'day and I hate to do this, Stacey - besmutch your clean white talkpage - but you may have given up on your request on the so-called Portal, so my answering here sends you a flag...

Simple advice: give up - I have simple requests on talk pages from 2007 still unanswered. Instead, do Redirects for the articles in question. Cheers AlanE 01:00, 2 June 2013 (EDT)

Thanks, Alan. To be honest, I'm wondering if the people who claim to run this site actually care about it! StaceyT 18:41, 2 June 2013 (EDT)
They do, but in their own various ways and for their own various reasons. It would be nice to have an Admin who does just that - the boring administrative details like fixing your problem. You can, of course, pick an Admin and pester, but it's always better to try some other way first. AlanE 19:48, 2 June 2013 (EDT)
Happy birthday, Stacey. AlanE 00:48, 15 April 2015 (EDT)
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I'm not going to respond to any further comments on this page. StaceyT 18:11, 3 May 2015 (EDT)

Please please please don't go. There is much that you, as a voice of reasonableness, can do.
Cons is just a clown. I find it very entertaining to interact with him. (Look at my contributions to get a sense of our interactions.) He's fun. I hope you can take him in the same vein that I do. What you have seen on MainTalk is classic Cons. It's too bad that weren't able to take it in stride.
A more serious issue is the accusations that you "hit the pubs" and such. There are people you need to deal with very carefully.
Feel free to contact me by the method shown at the top of my user page. SamHB 18:40, 3 May 2015 (EDT)

Seconded (though I am not sure about the word reasonableness-) AlanE 22:03, 3 May 2015 (EDT)

Underrated Sports Stars

I've created the page Essay:Overrated/Underrated Sports Stars for you. Have at it! Being an "essay", it should not be subject to the same sorts of things that you have seen in the other pages. By the way, I really know very little about sports. So it's up to you. SamHB (talk) 01:12, 4 August 2015 (EDT)