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Cleaned Up My To-Do List

Hi TK,

Please keep an eye on User:Aziraphale/categories#Category_To-Do_List, which is a nice (hopefully), cleaned-up to-do list for category stuff. I think it was getting lost in the shuffle on your sandbox page so I extracted it back on to my page. I can put it back on yours if you prefer, but I am keen that it gets some TLC occasionally, however that needs to happen. :) Thanks! Aziraphale 02:37, 4 September 2007 (EDT) <-no, not The Learning Channel...

  • Since this wikimedia stuff won't give us a favorite page clicky deal, I really would watch and see it better if on my page....I have been busy with personal stuff lately, and some tricky CP problems. Sorry for not paying attention....:-( --şŷŝôρ-₮KṢρёаќǃ 02:40, 4 September 2007 (EDT)
*nudge* Wasn't digging at you, Teek. (heh... "Teek.") Just figured you had your 1100-or-whatever-it-is pages to watch and sometimes they ran together. I'll put the To-Do List back on your page right now, no problem. Aziraphale 02:48, 4 September 2007 (EDT) <-sim-sim-a-la-bim!
  • 1700 Pages......not counting the talk pages! I'll get at it tomorrow, I swear! :-O --şŷŝôρ-₮KṢρёаќǃ 04:42, 4 September 2007 (EDT)
Yeah, that's what I meant. :p Aziraphale 10:44, 4 September 2007 (EDT)

my user page

Why did you delete my user page? --Huey gunna getcha 17:12, 4 September 2007 (EDT)

  • I didn't. Do you know how to read the history? Karajou deleted it, I merely went in, being all snoopy, and looked at what was there before he deleted it. --şŷŝôρ-₮KṢρёаќǃ 17:17, 4 September 2007 (EDT)
Pardon my mistake, fairly reasonable, considering the following line
"# (Deletion log); 17:06 . . TK (Talk | contribs) (deleted "User:Huey gunna getcha": page was empty)"
Is there a way to have my user/talk pages reverted to their pre-5-month ban state? --Huey gunna getcha 17:20, 4 September 2007 (EDT)
  • Doesn't appear so, after than long of block.

11:22, 4 September 2007 Karajou (Talk | contribs | block) deleted "User:Huey gunna getcha" (content was: 'Huey's back!Look at my shiny new castle!') --şŷŝôρ-₮KṢρёаќǃ 17:35, 4 September 2007 (EDT)

CP guidelines

I checked out the guidelines. They look alright. I'm confused why you led me there, though. Did you want me to help revise them? --Huey gunna getcha 19:02, 4 September 2007 (EDT)

  • Do you have your addition for this in "Best Of" ready? If not, I suggest you do so. One would think you would know better than to go posting to me, pretending you don't know whats up. I suggest vitamins and more sleep. --şŷŝôρ-₮KṢρёаќǃ 19:05, 4 September 2007 (EDT)
I'm not sure my dietary intake or sleep habits are at issue. I think you might just be a bit too vague. So, again, I've got to ask: what's up? --Huey gunna getcha 19:07, 4 September 2007 (EDT)
I'm still not entirely sure I understand what you're going for, but maybe jurisprudence demonstrates a good-faith effort you could be driving at? --Huey gunna getcha 19:44, 4 September 2007 (EDT)

Warm Welcome

Many thanks TK! Hope I can be a constructive user! [[Adam 00:13, 6 September 2007 (EDT)]]

  • Adam, forget the brackets. just use four tildes ~ and it will do it, or you can customize your sig from user preferences....sorry, got distracted before I could post explaining my moving stuff, lol. And you are welcome! --şŷŝôρ-₮KṢρёаќǃ 00:18, 6 September 2007 (EDT)


Thanks for the welcome. Are you a sysop? If so, can you please block User:HelloThar? Thanks. CalebRookwood 13:38, 6 September 2007 (EDT)


TK, as you angrily deleted my Talk page, did you read the part where I had said I was at work, and therefore was working through a proxy? I cannot be responsible for others with bad intent who use the same proxy? I can't see what I did wrong, and I was writing my article in good faith. OldFaithful, in a new guise. NewFaithful 20:12, 6 September 2007 (EDT)

Temporary unlock again


Could you please temporarily unlock the Mike Huckabee article again? Thanks, --Tash 19:26, 8 September 2007 (EDT)

Okay, I'm finished for now. Thanks!--Tash 20:32, 8 September 2007 (EDT)


Alan Turing was the father of modern computer science, my friend. --Turing100111010 13:56, 9 September 2007 (EDT)

Waka waka waka. . . .

You've got mail. :D Aziraphale 01:11, 12 September 2007 (EDT)

  • Got it, thanks! Hey, Google this: [1] #6 in the rankings, and climbing faster than some "alternative" wiki's are sinking! --şŷŝôρ-₮KṢρёаќǃ 02:36, 12 September 2007 (EDT)(yeah, tooting our own horn isn't humble...Oh Well!)
Bah, humble shmumble. Aziraphale 10:32, 12 September 2007 (EDT) <-shmaziraphale...
I'm sorry, but you are wrong!... It just popped up as 3rd ;-) Learn together 17:01, 13 September 2007 (EDT)
  • No, I am never wrong! :p See how fast it is climbing? People hunger for the truth, as the truth will set you free! If only some alternative wiki's could pay their bills and have such numbers, eh? --şŷŝôρ-₮KṢρёаќǃ 17:05, 13 September 2007 (EDT)

Welcome template

Hi TK,

At what point are we allowed to remove the welcome template from our talk pages?--Jordan 09:54, 13 September 2007 (EDT)

  • I don't think we have a rule dictating that. Do you think there needs to be one? Usually people leave it, some remove it, and replace it with the template {{useful links}} so they will have a handy reference to our Commandments and CP Guidelines, as well as our Manual of Style. Why do you ask? --şŷŝôρ-₮KṢρёаќǃ 16:34, 13 September 2007 (EDT)


Thanks for unblocking me. I promise not to make any controversial edits to articles, and if I'm not sure, to make sure sure I ask first in the talk page. Feebasfactor 19:42, 14 September 2007 (EDT)

Robert Sheaffer

I deleted the information (such as it was) on this page but cannot delete the page itself. Samwell 15:37, 15 September 2007 (EDT)

  • Thanks for letting me know. I'll make you a the future, you let Admins decide policy, decide what will be deleted, and you just give us a link, okay? --şŷŝôρ-₮KṢρёаќǃ 18:59, 15 September 2007 (EDT)
Okay. Samwell


I saw you blocked Rutm in the recent changes. Why? He was a good contributor. MMing 19:56, 15 September 2007 (EDT)

  • LMAO! In your three whole days here, you have come to that expert opinion? We don't allow a mobocracy here, so what Administrators do, and why they do it, really isn't your concern. Have some respect for people's privacy and rights, okay? --şŷŝôρ-₮KṢρёаќǃ 19:59, 15 September 2007 (EDT)
I'm sorry, don't be offended, but what opinion did I come to besides expert contributor? I asked you a question. That's all. MMing 20:01, 15 September 2007 (EDT)
I came to that opinion by looking into his contributions. MMing 20:02, 15 September 2007 (EDT)
By the way, I've been here for three months. MMing 20:03, 15 September 2007 (EDT)
  • So, you would base the question as to if a person stays only on their contributions that you think are "good" or agree with? --şŷŝôρ-₮KṢρёаќǃ 20:21, 15 September 2007 (EDT)
I'm not going to say whether I agreed with him, but he was civil, and he was a good contributor. That should be enough for a person to stay. MMing 20:23, 15 September 2007 (EDT)
  • I see in your time at CP you have made 14 total edits. 10 edits all today (not including your most recent ones on this page), one on August 16th, and three on July 12th. Of that total, 7 are talk posts, or 50% talk posts. If we include your sticking your nose in where it doesn't belong, your last few posts here, the total climbs to 60% talk! Check out our Commandments. I wonder what I should do with you? --şŷŝôρ-₮KṢρёаќǃ 20:21, 15 September 2007 (EDT)

Mexican Flag

Thank you so much! --User:Joaquín Martínez, talk 07:52, 16 September 2007 (EDT)


And I'll be getting that off... how? --Ħøĵímαζĥŏήğθαλκ 12:07, 16 September 2007 (EDT)

  • Personally, I'd check with HOG. Otherwise, I suppose one could go to recent changes, and just revert it. I didn't put it there.....edit history says it was you, lol. --şŷŝôρ-₮KṢρёаќǃ 12:09, 16 September 2007 (EDT)
  • Well, another example of Liberals not having a sense of humor unless it is their own, directed at others....--şŷŝôρ-₮KṢρёаќǃ 12:23, 16 September 2007 (EDT)

Movin' on up!

Dear Mr. TK, could you move the following things for me? Thanks. I'd do it, but I'm not special like you :)

While you're at it, I have no idea what Chemistry tables is about. Baleeted? Thanks HelpJazz 00:48, 17 September 2007 (EDT)

  • Not special? You, a Barnstar Award Winner? Who could be more special! Right after the Emmys I will get on it..... --şŷŝôρ-₮KṢρёаќǃ 00:50, 17 September 2007 (EDT)
Eh, thanks, it's quite an honor? And jeez, I know you're in another time zone, but I had no idea the Emmys went on that long! HelpJazz 10:12, 17 September 2007 (EDT)
  • Yes, apparently for over 3 hours! TiVo, time shifted by a couple of hours as well. Yes, I will, I will....getting to "work" now! --şŷŝôρ-₮KṢρёаќǃ 13:52, 17 September 2007 (EDT)
  • Done. One was not moved, but just re-created due to smutty edit note history. Thanks for shopping with us, return often! --şŷŝôρ-₮KṢρёаќǃ 14:06, 17 September 2007 (EDT)
Awesome, thanks! Fair warning: I will probably have some more maneuvering later with some double entries and stuff. I'll let you know when I find them... HelpJazz 15:48, 17 September 2007 (EDT)

Found one more. Enjoy :)

HelpJazz 18:02, 20 September 2007 (EDT)


Sorry I had to hang up abruptly. I was suddenly called into a meeting at work. --Ed Poor Talk 17:17, 18 September 2007 (EDT)


TK, a quick question. If I'm adding links to a page, is it better to add only a few working links, or should I create a link that will add to the wanted pages list, say if it's an important topic? Thanks for your help! Mskreuz 11:55, 20 September 2007 (EDT)

Try to stick with working links for the most part. Thanks and Godspeed.--Aschlafly 12:20, 20 September 2007 (EDT)
Okay, will do. Thanks! Mskreuz 15:53, 20 September 2007 (EDT)
  • Sorry, I wasn't on, and didn't reply because Andy did. You can get me on AIM, user name on my user page, if you have more questions. --şŷŝôρ-₮KṢρёаќǃ 16:37, 20 September 2007 (EDT)

Jonathan Sarfati

I was going to expand this article. There was a much better version in the history that you blanked for some reason. Can I use that material or is there something wrong with it? CalebRookwood 20:38, 20 September 2007 (EDT)

  • Goodness, that is several months old! July 28th! Looks to me to have been a mistake, as I formatted it, then it shows half the material removed. Please, though, fix the citations so the show properly, not with only the numbers. --şŷŝôρ-₮KṢρёаќǃ 20:42, 20 September 2007 (EDT)
    • I've cleaned up the references and added additional material. Thanks! CalebRookwood 20:56, 20 September 2007 (EDT)


Hey TK -sorry buot last night my internet went out again - however I had been searching for pages with long archives and couldn't find much. I tried Evolution, liberal, conservative, and a bunch other and all of them either had no archives or one ...but I'll start the search again tonight.--IDuan 07:43, 21 September 2007 (EDT)

  • Thanks, Issac! You're the best! I'll leave you notes on your page as I find them. --şŷŝôρ-₮KṢρёаќǃ 07:50, 21 September 2007 (EDT)

Conservative Links

Andy wants us to make explanation for the links set in this article. Could you help? Thanks! --User:Joaquín Martínez, talk 07:48, 21 September 2007 (EDT)

  • Anything for you my friend! I will take a look later today after I get back from some meetings. --şŷŝôρ-₮KṢρёаќǃ 07:50, 21 September 2007 (EDT)
Thank you! --User:Joaquín Martínez, talk 08:25, 21 September 2007 (EDT)


TK - I am registered to vote with the Prohibition Party. [The original page where we were talking has been temporarily locked, so I could not reply there.] - Chronicler 10:51, 21 September 2007 (EDT)

Article deletion request

Not sure what the protocol for speedy deletion is, but Sexual selection seems to be a copy of the WP version of that time (I didn't do a word-by-word check, but the phrase "The expansion of interspecies selection and intraspecies selection is a driving force behind species fission" only brings up Wikipedia and WP mirrors in Google, and the paragraphs as a whole look identical). Not sure how it survived for five months without anybody noticing, but I think it should be deleted right about... now. --Jenkins 18:33, 22 September 2007 (EDT)


Would you be interested in joining team one (to be named) in the contest? Thanks--Tash 18:54, 22 September 2007 (EDT)

  • That would be great Tash! Can you link me or email me the links to the darn thing so I can read up on it? When does it start, etc.? --şŷŝôρ-₮KṢρёаќǃ 20:28, 22 September 2007 (EDT)
Excellent! We're just sorting out teams right. The start time that Aschlafly is aiming is Tuesday - other then that - I know as much as you... Here the info I have right now.--Tash 20:44, 22 September 2007 (EDT)


Could you please unblock? I can't find the way.

08:34, 23 September 2007 Joaquín Martínez (Talk | contribs | block) blocked "ConservativeMom (contribs)" with an expiry time of infinite (name)

  • Thankfully someone got this Joaquin. In the future, you go to: List of blocked IP addresses and usernames, find the block, and click on "unblock" put a reason in the box. Click. That is it. Basically. --şŷŝôρ-₮KṢρёаќǃ 13:24, 23 September 2007 (EDT)
Thank you Terry --User:Joaquín Martínez, talk 17:13, 23 September 2007 (EDT)


I have a suggestion for an edit for a paragraph in the entry on "Religious Society of Friends." (I am one of the people who have edited and expanded this article.) I think the paragraph on the four branches of Friends is neither as objective nor as informative as it might be, and I have edited it. Can I send you my edit, to use or not as you see fit?--Leansleft 09:31, 24 September 2007 (EDT)

  • What am I going to do with it? Let me know when you are online, and I can unlock it, if it is locked, or you can put the proposed addition on the article's talk page. Fair enough? --şŷŝôρ-₮KṢρёаќǃ 14:40, 24 September 2007 (EDT)
Absolutely fair. The article is locked, and I'm online now. Let me know whether you would rather unlock the article and let me edit the paragraph, or have me put the edited version on the talk page. Thanks.--Leansleft 14:53, 24 September 2007 (EDT)
  • I will unlock it now....let me know when done. And please, make it fair and balanced. Otherwise I will be forced to have Conservative look into it. ;-) --şŷŝôρ-₮KṢρёаќǃ 16:16, 24 September 2007 (EDT)
I'm done. And I hope fair and balanced, as I'm terrified of Conservative's wrath. Many thanks.--Leansleft 16:42, 24 September 2007 (EDT)

While you're around...

...could you remove or edit the VSA link from Template:Science-stub, please? It causes the red link to appear in the Wanted list with six or so links. --Jenkins 16:32, 24 September 2007 (EDT)

Eep, sorry, my request was a bit too vague. I meant the "classified as a Very Short Article (VSA)" part within the box. It's currently a red link. Maybe just remove the brackets to de-link it? Sorry for causing confusion. --Jenkins 16:45, 24 September 2007 (EDT)
Ah, sweet, thanks for fixing :) We're down to less than 340 wanted pages (with more than 5 links), by the way! --Jenkins 16:54, 24 September 2007 (EDT)

A Request

Hey TK,

I’d like to make a request, which might seem kind of funny. I’ve been spending a lot of time at Conservapedia lately – and its mostly just refreshing the “Recent changes” page repeatedly. Unfortunately, I’m also rather busy in school at the moment and such activities are cutting into my study/sleep time. I’ve tried to curtail my addiction and I succeed for the most part, but by the end of the day, as darkness falls, my resolve weakens and I find myself here again, refreshing the same old page. The internets is a dangerous drug… So I ask, if it’s not too much trouble: could you ban me for a week?

To tell the truth, most of my suggestions aren’t really getting through anyway. It’s a shame about all the locked pages, but I suppose you do have quite a bit of vandalism. If you want to give me a shout, I’m still checking my email regularly; I would’ve liked to chat on messenger as well, but sadly I have neither AIM nor Yahoo.

Please effect the ban soon. :-)

Good luck and good health,

And I’ll see you when I see you…

Feebasfactor 12:34, 28 September 2007 (EDT)

I have taken care of it!--BethTalk2ME 12:39, 28 September 2007 (EDT)

See what you think

Is this guy a troll or what? User:PostoStudanto keeps arguing and doing nothing else. Take a look at Fox Syndrome. Mathers 20:40, 28 September 2007 (EDT)

  • He's an arguer no doubt! But the term is real. Let me know if he gets crazy, okay? Thanks, Mathers! My IM contact is list above. --şŷŝôρ-₮KṢρёаќǃ 20:55, 28 September 2007 (EDT)


Hi TK. How can I become a sysop? CO2 16:55, 30 September 2007 (EDT)


TK, I don't understand the block. I am sorry, but I am really trying to help out here. CO2 20:55, 30 September 2007 (EDT)

  • Then slow down, Turbo! Sometimes when new, on a site with as much vandalism as we have, a new person's actions can be viewed wrongly. If you have questions, my contact information is posted above. Sorry for the misunderstanding. --şŷŝôρ-₮KṢρёаќǃ 20:58, 30 September 2007 (EDT)

Image protect request

TK, I've uploaded four images which have not yet been protected: [2] [3] [4] [5] Thanks. Greg 21:32, 30 September 2007 (EDT)

I've uploaded six more: [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] Thanks! Greg 23:24, 13 October 2007 (EDT)

No problem! Happy to help and see you around again! --şŷŝôρ-₮K/Ṣρёаќǃ 23:34, 13 October 2007 (EDT)

More: [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] Sorry for the delay. Greg 18:07, 15 October 2007 (EDT)

Re:Unemployment Rate

Whoops...I must have clicked the wrong link and then just typed it in without looking up at what the name of the page was :) Thanks...I definitely never would have caught that! DeborahB. 09:41, 1 October 2007 (EDT)


No body's made a specific request, but what do you think about unlocking Nancy Pelosi? Rob Smith 20:47, 1 October 2007 (EDT)

  • I think I should thank you Rob, for reminding me it was still protected! I unlocked it. --şŷŝôρ-₮KṢρёаќǃ 21:19, 1 October 2007 (EDT)

Talk page edit

TK, I sincerely hope that you're not suggesting that my "time here will be short" because of my political views? Because that would mean that you're blocking me for ideological reasons, which, I think I read somewhere, is something sysops are forbidden from doing. My changes to the deceit article were more factual than what was there to begin with. If you have proof otherwise, the burden is on you to provide it. Such sweeping statements need material to back them up. Also, I broke none of the Conservapedia Commandments, as I clearly said in the talk page that if anybody disagreed with my edid, they were welcome to take it up with me and discuss a better solution. However, since you threatened blocking me and blatantly altered my edit, I assume that reasonable discourse between two opinions is not welcomed here. Please prove me wrong. I'm not trying to pick a fight. I want to contribute here. But your job as a sysop is not to slash and burn opposing views. If you have a problem with my edits, work with me on the talk pages like I suggested.ENelson 19:36, 2 October 2007 (EDT)

Also, I just read the bit about keeping convos on one page. Sorry! ENelson 19:37, 2 October 2007 (EDT)
ENelson, when you remove an article that exists and recreate it because you don't like what is says, then it does appear that you're trying to see how close you can walk to the edge. The best way to succeed and be a positive contributor is to have respect for those who have done work before you and the team of people around you - we are all a team. By the way, it's not very wise to get TK upset at you. Peace Learn together 20:14, 2 October 2007 (EDT)
  • It is fine, we can do this here. Your ideas about what I can, or cannot do as a SiteAdmin, are certainly Wikipedian, and as such have no standing here. You suggesting I discuss major edits made by a junior editor on the talk pages is plain stupid, given you did no such thing yourself. Where was your "proof" and citations for your change? This is not a mobocracy. Arguing without end is a clear violation of the CP Guidelines, which are a part of and included with our Commandments. --şŷŝôρ-₮K/Ṣρёаќǃ 19:50, 2 October 2007 (EDT)

Main Page Archiving

When archiving the main page why not cut and paste the content to the new archive and not delete the page? If the page isn't repeatedly deleted the history is still there and easy to navigate. SkipJohnson 14:02, 3 October 2007 (EDT)

  • Thanks, Skip. Yes, I know (supposedly) how to do it, but every now and then, if doing several things at once (IM, Telephone, email) I manage the copy, and the paste into another window with the archive just fine. Then hit the delete button instead of saving it. Sorry. Am trying to break my curse with the Main Page! In the previous encounter with this same deal, I actually got an edit conflict message, clicked to override, and boom, it was all gone. :-( --şŷŝôρ-₮K/Ṣρёаќǃ 14:13, 3 October 2007 (EDT)
I've used WikiMedia software before. It should not be hard for an admin to undelete the edits from the log page. Of course, I have an additional selfish motive since I am proud of some of the things that I suggested for the main page and would like them in my contribution history.:). SkipJohnson 14:18, 3 October 2007 (EDT)
  • Well nothing was erased, and everything is in the archive. Feel free to get at me on IM or email, Skip, if you have other concerns.  :-)--şŷŝôρ-₮K/Ṣρёаќǃ 14:21, 3 October 2007 (EDT)

A friendly note

TK, i took your feedback. I specifically stated in the article that "gay bowel syndrome" is a condition where you get certain maladies with unusual frequency as a result of homosexual activity and that homosexuals are more apt to get this condition but that these maladies are not solely exclusive to male homosexuals. Please review the article now. Also, I documented liberal homosexual activists trying to suppress the use of this medical term but that it is still used.

Is the article exceptable to you now? If not, if you could clarify your objection I would appreciate it. Conservative 21:36, 3 October 2007 (EDT)

  • Thank you, Conservative for your consideration. I am sending an email, but the article is much better! --şŷŝôρ-₮K/Ṣρёаќǃ 21:42, 3 October 2007 (EDT)
I look forward to reading your email and will look at it now. Conservative 21:59, 3 October 2007 (EDT)

Articles to look at

Would you mind viewing Duh and Vox and see what you think? Thanks Learn together 04:21, 4 October 2007 (EDT)

  • No mind at all, and an interesting trail it was! Removed Duh, kept Vox. Thank you, good sir. --şŷŝôρ-₮K/Ṣρёаќǃ 05:47, 4 October 2007 (EDT)

I have some very urgent and Extremely exciting news

I have some very urgent and Extremely exciting news. It is the most exciting news I have heard since being involved in Conservapedia as it involves conservatives knowing about us and not the liberals that the LA Times largely brought. I think everything will go down tomorrow and I need some help. I sent you a private email. Please look at it as soon as possible. Conservative 17:15, 4 October 2007 (EDT)

Newt ubx

I see you're also a Newt fan! Who will we vote for? I like Huckabee myself. Greg 18:32, 4 October 2007 (EDT)

  • I prefer to support those who could actually win. But he is a very nice and witty guy! --şŷŝôρ-₮K/Ṣρёаќǃ 18:36, 4 October 2007 (EDT)


Thank you for the unblock. Can you answer my question? Or should I just forget it.ConserveATory 21:56, 4 October 2007 (EDT)

It has been answered soooo many times here, and where you posted! Click the email link, or IM me on AIM. --şŷŝôρ-₮K/Ṣρёаќǃ 22:04, 4 October 2007 (EDT)


I'm trying to revert the massive wave of vandalism that occurred last night. You think you could help? --transResident Transfanform! 08:03, 5 October 2007 (EDT)

  • Dude, posting here instead of using the IM is kinda pointless most of the time.  ;-) Thanks for your tremendous effort, along with Karajou as well!!! --şŷŝôρ-₮K/Ṣρёаќǃ 08:05, 5 October 2007 (EDT)

Thank you

Thank you indeed. --User:Joaquín Martínez, talk 18:24, 5 October 2007 (EDT)

Friendly GFDL violation alert

Hi, I have reason to believe that I've found a GFDL violation of Wikipedia on Conservapedia's Homeopathy page. There's at least one paragraph which was clearly copied from Wikipedia. You can see that at least the "Provings" paragraph was copied from Wikipedia since the diff adding it ([18]) is dated after a revision containing some same text from Wikipedia ([19]) (search for the phrase "more esoteric substances" in each to find the most blatantly obvious copying).

Since this article is currently a GFDL violation, the offending content needs to be removed. I would from a legal standpoint recommend deleting all revisions of the article after and including the addition (since they include the GFDL bit and are therefore derivatives of GFDL content), but I haven't completely checked that other parts of the article aren't copied from Wikipedia, so you may want to check that other bits were not copied from the Wikipedia article, especially given that the article's content was assembled with several large additions of text over a very short period of time (two bursts of editing mostly two separate days) rather than being slowly expanded over time.

I haven't checked other contributions from the editor involved (User:Ehdrive), but it's possible that there may be more copying on his part. I also haven't removed the offending text (that would look like vandalism, even if it's in line with the CP Commandments), but I hope alerting you can get the problem fixed. :) Thanks, and in peace, Nihiltres 16:24, 6 October 2007 (EDT)

  • Please contact me on IM, Nihiltres, for more questions, okay? I am Exculpatory1 on AIM, and have others if you do not use AIM. Thanks for the alert! --şŷŝôρ-₮K/Ṣρёаќǃ 17:44, 6 October 2007 (EDT)

Thank you

Thank you for unblocking me. I didn't mean my commentary to sound racist; I am not racist, nor do I support racist causes. But, I see how my commentary on minutemen could have been misconstrued and have learned my lesson.-JamesT 14:44, 7 October 2007 (EDT)

  • I live in the West, Nevada and California, and did not find your comments at all racist. Just realistic and honest. Sometimes others, in protecting CP, and used to so much deceit, make mistakes. Rob is a good guy. --şŷŝôρ-₮K/Ṣρёаќǃ 14:51, 7 October 2007 (EDT)

I have no doubt, you all seem like good guys :-). Thanks again!-JamesT 14:52, 7 October 2007 (EDT)

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