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VVD (Dutch: Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie, lit. People's Party for Freedom and Democracy) is a Dutch political party. It is a strong supporter of Free Enterprise. It is not connected with any church.

VVD wants everyone to have equal opportunities for development but, at the same time, it believes that those who earn more through hard work and those who develop their talents or take more responsibility upon themselves, should be better rewarded.

The VVD was founded in 1948 from the remnants of previous liberal parties, including the Liberale Staatspartij (Liberal National Party), also known as De Vrijheidsbond (Freedom League), the Vrijzinnig Democratische Bond (Liberal Democratic League) and the Partij van de Vrijheid (Freedom Party). Dirk Stikker, later secretary general of NATO, chaired the Partij van de Vrijheid and was the first chairman of the VVD.

It is the largest party and leads the government.

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