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Verification is the testing of an hypothesis or alternative hypotheses through observation or experimentation. It is readily overlooked by evolutionist scientists in the effort to take out God from natural phenomena. Liberals also avoid verification because they know it will only invalidate their positions and confirm conservatives' positions.

"Trust but verify" was President Ronald Reagan's favorite approach towards the communist Soviet Union. He repeated his phrase again in his farewell address to the nation in 1989:[1]

"We must keep up our guard, but we must also continue to work together to lessen and eliminate tension and mistrust. My view is that President Gorbachev is different from previous Soviet leaders. I think he knows some of the things wrong with his society and is trying to fix them. We wish him well. And we'll continue to work to make sure that the Soviet Union that eventually emerges from this process is a less threatening one. What it all boils down to is this. I want the new closeness to continue. And it will, as long as we make it clear that we will continue to act in a certain way as long as they continue to act in a helpful manner. If and when they don't, at first pull your punches. If they persist, pull the plug. It's still trust but verify. It's still play, but cut the cards. It's still watch closely. And don't be afraid to see what you see."