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Victoria Jackson (B. August 2, 1959; - ) was born into a conservative Christian home in Miami, Florida and rose to fame as a comedic talent, performing stand up on the Johnny Carson Show. She starred in many movies and TV shows, most notably six seasons on Saturday Night Live. She is still active in film and stage performances. Also, Victoria is passionate about the Tea Party Movement, writes for Andrew Breitbart's Big Hollywood and has a number of performances on CD's, including Gospel.

Early life

Victoria's father was a gymanistics coach and she competed from ages 5–18.[1] She grew-up in a home without a TV. She became a cheerleader, homecoming queen, attended Florida Bible College, received a gymnastic scholarship to Furman University and attended Auburn University one year. Before her 20 appearances with Johnny Carson, Victoria was a cigarette girl, a typist at the American Cancer Society, and a waitress.

Per her website;

Well, I'd feel like we didn't really connect if I didn't tell you about what I really feel is important. I am a genuine true blue believer...not in Kaballah...not in Scientology...not in the New Age movement...not in Mormonism...not in Buddism...not in Hinduism...not in Catholicism...not in Protestantism...but in Jesus Christ. I've studied all those other religions...and as a cynic, and a free spirit...I personally decided to put my faith in Jesus. I've read the Bible all the way through....and I believe it is the Truth...the Word of God. Read John 3:l6, Ephesians 2:8,9, Romans 3:23, and Romans 6:23 and tell me what you think. What do you think? Jesus claimed to be "the Lord"...He was either the "Lord", a liar, or a lunatic. Tell me what you think and why. After all, none of us has died and come back to we all have our faith in something. What is your faith in? I'm eager to listen and discuss.

If you would like to know more... read my interview with "The Door."


"O thinks it's bad to drip water on a terrorist, but it's good to rip a baby out of it's mother's womb, crack it's skull, and suck it's brain out. Wow. Once I save the country from O and his Congress, I can concentrate on my career." [2]


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