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Viktor Orbán

Viktor Mihály Orbán (31 May 1963 in Székesfehérvár) is a conservative Hungarian politician and served as Prime Minister of Hungary between 1998 and 2002 and again since May 29, 2010. He is a member and leader of the Fidesz party, which is moderately-Euroskeptic and social-conservative. In his earlier years, Orbán ensured that Hungary joined NATO in 1999, joining despite Russia's opposition.

Since starting his second term as prime minister in 2010, Orbán has served as a strong voice for maintaining traditional conservative values in Europe, supporting national sovereignty and identity, and opposing the globalist, one-world agenda of the EU and other entities. He united with Poland's conservative government to that end.[1]

Political views

Orbán takes strong stands against mass immigration and George Soros and for national sovereignty and cultural Christian values.[2][3][4][5] He believes that Islamization is real and occurring in Europe due to the mass migration.[6] For his 2017 Christmas message, Orbán stated that "Christianity is culture and civilization" and that "we love our country, our nation, our family, Hungarian culture and European civilization."[7]

Orbán is one of the most outspoken opponents to the European migrant crisis and calls for a stronger border defense in Hungary, he is also a defender of national interests and values. Unlike most other European heads-of-government, Orbán has taken a more conservative right-wing, common sense approach to the immigration crisis,[8] and he remained committed to protecting Hungary's demographic composition.[9] He has criticized the European Union[10] and has argued that the EU's policies and attitudes favor terrorists.[11] He has also criticized supporters of a "United States of Europe" for intentionally supporting and enabling mass migration to Europe in order to create a "post-Christian and post-national" state.[12] In addition to supporting a border fence along Hungary's border, Orbán has voiced solidarity with other EU nations, such as Poland, for defying the EU on various issues.[13]

Orbán looks highly upon former United Kingdom Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.[2] He became the first leader in the EU to endorse Donald Trump for U.S. President.[14] Orbán has spoken positively of President Trump, stating that he speaks straightforwardly and that he and Trump agree on numerous issues.[15]

Response to the European migrant crisis

Hungary's border fence with Serbia
See also: European migrant crisis

In 2015, Hungary was overrun by refugees passing through the country. In response, Orbán made several actions,[16] including building a border barrier along the border with Serbia[17] and Croatia.[18] The fence was so effective that illegal immigration levels dropped to levels seen before the crisis began,[19] and by September 2017, illegal immigration levels had dropped by 99% since 2015.[20] In April 2017, the Hungarian government completed construction of a second border fence, one with high-tech features, on the Serbian border.[21] Unlike most other European countries, Hungary's leadership has taken a more conservative right-wing, common sense approach to the immigration crisis.[8] In March 2017, the Hungarian government refused a Swedish request to let 5,000 asylum seekers into its borders.[22]

On September 15, 2015, the same day the Hungarian government closed its border with Serbia, several laws came into effect in the nation. The laws made illegal immigrants in Hungary subject to criminal charges and made it illegal to damage the nation's border fence.[23] On September 21, 2017, the Hungarian parliament voted to give the army the ability to use non-lethal force on migrants.[24] In July 2016, Hungary enacted a law allowing the army to push migrants back to the border if they were found 8 kilometers (4.97 miles) or less from the border.[25]

Orbán stated that Hungary would admit all Europeans fleeing from their respective countries' liberal and globalist policies.[26]

As Orbán himself noted, Hungary's policies likely saved all of Europe from an even greater and more catastrophic migrant crisis.[27] According to Politico, he "won" the argument on immigration policy.[28]

Opposition to George Soros

Orbán strongly opposed the ultra-liberal Central European University (founded and funded by George Soros) and on March 29, 2017 announced a new law which could close it.[29] He stated that it was cheating students and breaking rules by awarding both a Hungarian and an American diploma, despite the university having no U.S. presence.[30][31] He also opposed George Soros due to his efforts by supporting the massive immigration from Muslim nations into Europe.[30] On April 10, 2017, Hungary enacted a law tightening its standards for universities and thus threatening CEU's existence.[32][33]

Orbán passed another law in June 2017 ordering foreign non-governmental organisations (NGOs) with a certain revenue or higher to register as a "foreign-supported organisation," something thus targeting the NGOs funded by Soros.[34]

Orbán started a new campaign against Soros in September 2017 by distributing a questionnaire to Hungarians so they could express their thoughts on Soros.[35]


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