Vincent Robert Capodanno

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Vincent Robert Capodanno was born in Staten Island, New York in 1929. He was ordained a Catholic priest of the Maryknoll Order in 1957 and in 1965 was commissioned as a chaplain in the U.S. Marine Corps. His men called him the "Grunt Padre".

On September 4, 1967, his Marine unit was attacked by a much larger force of North Vietnamese soldiers. Fr. Capodanno gave last rites to dying marines. He was wounded in the face and his hand was almost severed. He died as he moved to help another wounded Corpsman. On December 4, 1968, his family were informed that he would posthumously receive the Medal of Honor.

USS Capodanno(FF-1093) was named in his honor in 1973. In 2002, his Cause for Canonization was opened by the Catholic Church.

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