Vonderheide v. Flanders

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Vonderheide v. Flanders is a long-running custody dispute during which the woman made allegations that resulted in her conviction for perjury. It is the only known instance of someone being convicted of perjury for allegations made in family court in the United States.

Specifically, "Flanders was charged with filing a false police report that alleged she was assaulted by Bennett Vonderheide during a 2004 custody exchange. Flanders told police she was kicked, grabbed and verbally harassed inside the Lancaster city police station. She later lied about the incident, under oath, at a custody hearing. In response to Flanders' allegations, city police charged Vonderheide with violating a protection-from-abuse order."[1]

The incident that was subject to the allegations had actually been captured on videotape, and occurred in the presence of a police officer who was under an obligation to file a report if an assault had actually occurred.


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