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The United States' War Division was established by Attorney General's Order 2507, suppl. 14, May 19, 1942, to facilitate departmental work in areas of war planning, alien enemy control, and alien property control. Consisted initially of Special War Policies Unit (SWPU), Alien Enemy Control Unit, and Alien Property Unit, supplemented shortly thereafter by a War Frauds Unit. In reorganization of August 28, 1943, War Frauds Unit transferred to Criminal Division; SWPU abolished and functions transferred to Criminal Division, except for Emergency Advisory Committee for Political Defense (retained in Latin American Section), administration of Foreign Agents Registration Act (in Foreign Agents Registration Section), and federal-state relations work (in Federal-State Relations Section); and Economic Warfare Section Office of Economic Warfare. Division abolished December 28, 1945.[1]

Neutrality Laws Unit was established in the Office of the Attorney General, April 1940, and subsequently redesignated Special Defense Unit. Further redesignated SWPU and assigned to newly established War Division, 1942. Abolished in divisional reorganization of August 28, 1943, and superseded by Latin American, Alien Enemy Control, and Alien Property Sections.


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