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Web Comics, also known as Online Comics or Webcomics are a form of comics that are started on the Internet. Many online comics are published exclusively online, while some are both in print and archived online. There are many different types of webcomics; some are created to be more like traditional comic strips, while others are created to be more like graphic novels. Popular webcomics include Day By Day, Tales of the Questor, and TheOrderOfTheStick, MSPaint Adventures and Harkovast. Webcomics, like other comics, run the gamut from in depth story-based plots to talking stickfigures to random jokes every day to political analysis.

Most webcomics can be viewed free of charge. Webcomic creators still gain money off their work by selling printed versions of their webcomic, offering more content at a fee, selling merchandise, or simply asking for donations (sometimes donations are asked merely to pay for the site fees). Ads put on the webcomic's site also pull in some revenue.

With web comics, the restrictions of the traditional newspaper or magazine format can be lifted, which allows the artists to take advantage of the internet's unique capabilities, such as being able to draw and say anything they want without repercussion providing more freedom and creativity. Webcomic artists also are not confined size limitations. Some webcomics, such as those published by Scott McCloud,[1] have experimented with interactivity and animation in their comics. Most webcomics provide an archive for readers to look up any strip they wish.


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