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The Weinergate story broke on Friday, May 27, 2011, when New York Democrat Representative Anthony Weiner publicly sent a tweet containing a link to a lewd photograph of himself in gray underwear to a Twitter friend, a Seattle resident and college student, 21-year-old Gennette Nicole Cordova.[1] Anthony Weiner denied sending the tweet and blamed it on a hacker.[2][3] Former President Bill Clinton officiated at their wedding last July.

On June 6, 2011, Weiner admitted that he sent the lewd photo to the woman over Twitter, after claiming for days that he was hacked.[4][5]

It Was Weiner's Tweet

Anthony Weiner admitted on June 6 that he sent the photo of himself to the Seattle college student, and also revealed more into the unraveling Weinergate story during a 30 minutes press conference. Weiner said, "Last Friday night I tweeted a photograph of myself that I intended to send as direct message as part of a joke to a woman in Seattle. Once I realized I posted it to Twitter, I panicked, I took it down and said that I had been hacked. I then continued with that story to stick to that story which was a hugely regrettable mistake."[6]

Anthony Weiner used government resources to communicate with women over the phone, according to one of the six women that Weiner engaged with in inappropriate conversations, Meagan Broussard.[7] Several of the women Anthony communicated with have come forward, claiming to have photographs, chats, and emails with Anthony Weiner.[8][9]

Other Quotes from Speech

To be clear, the picture was of me and I sent it.[6]
Over the past few years I have engaged in several inappropriate conversations conducted over Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, and occasionally on the phone with women I have met online.[6]
I exchanged messages and photos of an explicit nature with about six women over the last three years.[6]
They are all adults, at least to a the best of my knowledge, they were all adults and they were engaging in these conversations consensually.[10]

Weiner resigns

Representative Anthony Weiner resigned on Jun 16, 2011, over a weeks-long Internet sex scandal, succumbing to bipartisan calls for him to step down. Weiner denied for more than a week that he sent a photo of himself in boxer briefs to a woman in Seattle on May 28, claiming his Twitter account had been hacked. But on June 6, he tearfully admitted he had lied and that he had inappropriate exchanges with six women, some after he was married.[11]


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