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Wernher Von Braun (Wirsitz, Germany 1912 – Alexandria, Virginia, US 1977) was a Nazi rocket scientist during World War II. His team was responsible for developing the V-2, the world's first ballistic missile.

After the war he came to the US and worked for U. S. Secretary of State Cordell Hull, as part of the mission known as Operation Paperclip and after as part of Operation Hardtack, NASA. His crowning achievement was the huge Saturn V rocket with which the US beat the Russians in the race to the moon. The use of ex-Nazi rocket scientists by the superpowers was not uncommon at the time. Early in the Space Race the Russians had scored several wins over NASA, prompting an official to complain that "Their Germans are better than our Germans".

On June 16, 1977, Von Braun died in Alexandria, Virginia at the age of 65.

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