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7. The “secret” alliances, or the Triple Alliance and Triple Entente, added to the devastation of World War I because it involved such an unnecessarily great number of parties. The Triple Alliance, made between Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy, was formed in 1879 as a means of protecting each other from possible aggressions by France. In 1907 Great Britain joined the alliance between Russia and France forming the Triple Entente. Thus, these two powerful groups of nations stood against each other in the first war between two sides of the world, this only sparked by an isolated act of violence between two single nations, Austria and Serbia.

Superb explanation.

8. The United States was wise when it first hesitated to join the European Wars. Because Americans had relations with both sides on the war, they were initially against getting involved. Yet incidents with Germany’s “U-boats” and their persuading Mexico to declare war against the United States swung the American opinion of entering war and in 1917, President Woodrow Wilson pushed Congress to declare war on Germany. Though our country emerged from war relatively strong compared to other combatants, the casualties and economic costs were still losses which could have been avoided.


9. The peace after the Great War did not last because the actual terms of peace remained unresolved. As the Allies convened to discuss peace terms in 1918, each nation had its own opinion, as President Wilson mainly wanted to create a “League of Nations” to resolve international conflicts in the future, while France and Britain simply wanted to punish and disarm Germany, respectively. The Treaty of Versailles ended up imposing limits on the size of the German army and its use of weapons, as well as requiring the nation to pay reparations of $33 billion over a 30-year period. This harsh enforcement was a great mistake, as Germany too suffered huge losses and simply could not satisfy the financial obligations; it would only cause them to rise again in anger to retaliate.

Exactly right: "it would only cause them to rise again in anger to retaliate." Very well stated.

Terms: Triple Alliance, Triple Entente, Treaty of Versailles, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, Bolsheviks

Excellent choice of terms.
Very good work. A perfect 50/50, one of the best homeworks in the class.--Andy Schlafly 10:44, 8 December 2011 (EST)