World History Homework Eleven Answers - Student Five

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World History Homework 11 Kirstin

1. The great war (now called world war 1) went from 1914-1918. It had two sides. On one side it was Germany, the Ottoman empire, Bulgaria, and Austria-Hungary. On the second side; France, Japan,Russia, Italy the Allies of Britain and joining in 1917, America.

Excellent, but note that Italy was originally on the side of the Central Powers (Germany's side).

2. Some would say no one really won, the Ottoman turks and Bulgaria surrendered and the Germany signed an armistice. The Great War (or world war 1) officially ended on November 11 1918.


3. I like the Gallipoli battle most because the Allies Immensely outnumbered the Turks in this battle, so the Allies thought it would be an easy battle. But the Turks stood there ground and the Allies ended up withdrawing.

Superb, may use as a model. Over a half a million soldiers lost their lives in this failed attempt.

4. The Communist Revolution occurred in Russia, during World war 1 in 1917.

H5. I find the big bang interesting because it all started with this priest who had a theory in 1927 about how the world began with a big explosion, like a creation. And his theory got out and ended up making history. Also because of it and a mocking nickname for the theory, people started researching and found that it actually may be true.

Excellent again!

6. I think it was a good choice for the Americans to enter. I would probably do the same. It seemed like actually the Germans were maybe egging them Americans on by sinking ships etc. I actually don’t blame the Americans for joining.

Well done.

7. I think the economy now and the great depression are similar because, the great depression started right after Calvin Coolidge became president, and even though the economy was bad befor he was elected, the economy is getting worse since president Obama was elected.

Well done! 70/70.--Andy Schlafly 23:21, 25 April 2009 (EDT)