World History Homework Eleven Answers - Student Nineteen

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World History Homework 11


1. The “Great War” was WWI. It is called that because it was fought all throughout Europe and Asia. England, France, Russia, and later America vs. Germany, Italy, and Austria-Hungary.

Right, except Italy switched sides during the war and its real fighting was on the side of England and France, against Austria-Hungary.

2. Some would say that no one won because everyone lost millions of men, but the allied forces ultimately did win. They had Germany to the point of accepting all of their terms of surrender.


3. I think Verdun was one of the greatest battles fought. Not only did it have one of the highest death rates in a battle but also showed that the French were not going to be pushed around by the Germans.


4. In the middle of WWI after Russia pulled out of the war, the leaders rose up to overthrow the king and created a method called communism.

OK, but needs more detail. (Minus 1).

5. After they just started playing a song in different keys it stuck and people started to call it Jazz.

Concise! Good.

6. The European Colony, which is now India, started to rebel against England just as America did. After a few years they finally succeeded without having a revolution.

Took more than a few years, but otherwise good.

7. It is basically a second Great Depression. The President spends trillions of dollars on these things to try and help us get out just like FDR. None of it worked then and none of it is working now.

Excellent. May use as a model.


H1. I defiantly like Captain John Smiths version of it better. Because he said if you don’t work you don’t eat. And that’s what everyone needed to get going. Instead of sitting around and drinking, making everyday a holiday, they started working for food.

Excellent. ("definitely", not "defiantly")

H4. The type of warfare that they used in WWI was barbaric. They used their own dead friends and threw them to the other side just to infect the enemy with a disease.

Right, could use this as a model.

H5. I think it was great for us to enter the war. Yes it lost us a lot of American lives but in the end it kept Germany from becoming a threat to everyone in the world.

99/100. Well done.--Andy Schlafly 20:18, 26 April 2009 (EDT)