World History Homework Eleven Answers - Student Sixteen

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Sandro D

1. The Great War is now called World War I. World War I was fought between the Central Powers (Austria-Hungary, Germany, Bulgaria, and the Ottoman Empire) and the Allies of Britain, France, Russia, Italy, Japan, and the United States which joined the fight in 1917. World War I was called the Great War since this was the first global war in history. The Great War lasted from 1914-1918. It was the first war where, airplanes, machine guns, poisonous gas, large artillery, and armored tanks were used.

Excellent! May use as a model.

2. World War I was never really won by any one nation or anyone. As the Americans and the Allies advanced toward Germany, the Ottoman Turks and Bulgarians surrendered. There was a revolution in Austria- Hungary that overthrew its government, and Germany would not recognize the new government. Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicated his throne in Germany on November 1918, and the Germans formed a new republic. Members of the German republic signed an armistice on November 11, 1918. The Great War was over. The terms of peace remained unresolved and set the stage for World War II. All the countries had huge causalities. I would say that the United States and Japan were the nations that suffered the least amount of casualties since the war was not fought on their soil and they came out the strongest economically since this war was not fought on their soil so buildings, factories and cities would not have been destroyed.


3. Substituted for H1. I prefer John Smith’s motto “He that does not work shall not eat.” over Leon Trotsky’s motto “Those who do not obey do not eat.” I prefer Smith’s motto more because you should work to get your food. You should not make someone else get the food for you. This is not inferring that a baby or young kid should have to work to get their food. I am talking more along the lines of a young adult or adult. Now Trotsky’s motto is kind of loose in the words for he does not state what you must obey while Smith’s motto is you must work or you do not eat. Now to me that is pretty clear on what you have to do. This motto by Captain John Smith was used to motivate the non working class of colonists who came to America. These colonists were not accustomed to hard labor and need a swift kick to realize there was no class privilege here in the New World. The New World would be fruitful to those who worked the land.

Terrific, may use as a model. (Say "This is not implying that a ...")

4. The Russian communist revolution started in Russia in November of 1917 and lasted till 1920. The revolution occurred because the Russian people wanted out of World War I and the leader of Russia would not agree. The revolution was started by Lenin Trotsky who marched his army to the winter palace in Petrograd and arrested all the leaders of the Russian Provisional government. Now there are other communist revolutions such as Chinese Revolution, Hungarian Revolution, German Revolution and many others that happened through out history.


5. The Big Bang Theory was proposed by a Belgian priest, Georges-Henri Lemaitre that believed the universe must have begun in an initial massive explosion like a creation. Lemaitre’s theory was ridiculed for years until Edwin Hubble discovered evidence to support Lemaitre’s theory. Today most physicists accept the Big Bang theory. My view on the Big Bang is that it did not happen that way but that God created the universe and everything in it. What God has created our finite human reasoning can not deduce nor should we waste our energy on it.


6. One European colony, India was the colony of Great Britain. The British did not grant independence to its colony of India immediately after WWI, as many Indians had hoped. Great Britain had no intention of giving up this subcontinent of Asia. Hindus and Muslims sought independence and formed a peaceful demonstration at Amritsar, which was the capital of the Punjab region. Unfortunately a panicked British commander instructed his troops to fire on the Hindu and Muslim protesters, killing 400 which is now known as the Amritsar Massacre. Indians nationwide were outraged and demanded independence. Mohandas Ghandi emerged as a spiritual leader who was able to win Indian independence peacefully. He urged peaceful civil disobedience against the British, asking the Indians to refuse to pay taxes and to refuse to attend British schools. He also called on Indians to stop trading with Britain, especially in respect to clothing. Eventually, these peaceful protests paid off and the British Parliament enacted the Government of India Act in 1935. This established self-rule at a local level and allowed some democratic elections. Muslims geared the majority Hindu rule and requested a separate state for Muslims. Thus, Pakistan was created for the Muslims and India remained predominantly Hindu. These two nations are not friendly with each other even though geographically they share common borders.

Good, thorough answer. Could use as a model. Note, however, the spelling: "Gandhi", not "Ghandi" (another student made the same mistake!)

7. Yes, our economic problems today are similar to the Great Depression. There is high inflation, stock market fluctuates wildly and unemployment is at record highs. The price of food staples has increased dramatically. People who ordinarily would not use a food bank are drawing on those groceries to meet weekly family needs. The food banks are asking for continual support. The well can run dry soon since the middle class is being squeezed. During the Great Depression, the banks were not bailed out and many folded. Nowadays, our government is bailing the bank giants out while the banks do not have mercy on the average family. This mirrors the parable that Jesus taught us where the master forgives the servant’s debt while the servant imprisons another man who owes him a debt. We know how that turned out. Will our government be up to this task? During the Great Depression, unemployment was rampant where people abandoned dwellings and moved to a new geographic location hoping for a fresh start. This is happening here in Florida and in Nevada, where expansive and costly homes are being abandoned since the homeowner can no longer afford the upkeep. The pool are turning green from algae and local native animals come to live in those pools and become hazardous for the neighbors.

Inflation is not so high at this moment, but may increase soon. Fascinating analogy to the parable in the Bible! Also, your observations about people abandoning homes is superb.
Terrific homework, among the best in the class. 70/70. Congratulations!