World History Homework Eleven Answers - Student Thirteen

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World History Homework 11 Leonard G.

1.) The ‘Great War’ was another name for World War I. The reason WWI was called this at the time was because of two reasons. First, the war was great in size, with Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy on one side; and Russia, France, Britain, and the United States of America on the other. Secondly, this was the only “world war” at this time.

Right, though note that Italy changed sides during the war, joining the side of France and Britain in the hope of gaining territory.

2.) In the end, no one won World War I. With mass amount of casualties on both sides, the loss was greater than any gain on either side. Also, the great fine put on Germany outraged Germans causing an anger that helped start World War II.

Excellent. Might use as a model.

3.) My favorite battle in WWI was the battle at Somme. Britain had a great strategy of “shelling” Germany, and then rushing them. Unfortunately, the Germans had built up great defenses and were protected from the bombs and gunfire in the early stages of Britain’s attack. Germany quickly got back on their feet and wiped out the British, causing the worst day in British history.

Superb again, may use as a model.

5.) One aspect of science and art in the early 20th Century was the discovery of quantum mechanics. This discovery, I believe, is very important because it led the way for the development of electronics.


H1.) I prefer Captain John Smith’s saying regarding “work” over Leon Trotsky’s saying. When Smith said, “He that will not work shall not eat,” he probably didn’t realize he was starting the development of imperialism and one of the key concepts of the United States today.

Not sure I see the connection with "imperialism" here. Perhaps you meant "capitalism"?

H5.) My view on America entering WWI is split. If I lived back when the war was occurring, I would have not put so many American lives on the line. On the other hand, after seeing all the help the U.S. gave, I believe that America joining the war was a good idea. However, the outcome of the war was not beneficial in any way and casualties were very high.

Superb, may use this as a model!
Terrific work, with several possible model answers. 70/70. Well done!--Andy Schlafly 14:59, 26 April 2009 (EDT)