World History Homework Five Answers - Student 2

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World History Homework 10-7-11 Karl F.

1. Charles the Hammer was the leader of the Franks from A.D. 719-741. He led his army against the advancing Muslims in "The Battle of Tours in 732.

Excellent, but also include that Charles the Hammer won the key battle.

2. Feudalism in Western Europe was a new system of government also known as manorialism. It was used as a way to protect against foreign invasions by the Vikings. The basic feudal system consisted of a noble who owned land given to him by the king.

Correct, and include that peasants worked the farmland on the manor in exchange for food, housing and protection.

3. The pillars of Islam are religious beliefs or moral commands told in the Koran. There are five in all. I will discuss two of them. The first us "Prayer." this commands that any follower of Islam is expected to pray five times a day while facing the Mecca. The Second is "Almsgiving." This commands that any follower of Islam must give to the poor and the needy.

Correct again.

4. The Teotihuacan tribe in central America existed from A.D. 100-900. They worshiped the sun and the moon b believing that they were Gods. also they worshiped rain and water believing that they too were Gods. The people lived in suburbs around the city. they also had an upper class of citizens. The Toltecs were also a central American clan that existed from A.D. 900-1200. They were trained warriors who lived by there swords. they traded with the southwest portion of the United States. There religious leader was forced out of the city and to flee to the Mexican Golf. The Biggest Contrast these two Civilizations have is war. the teotihuacan`s were docile and grew there own crops. The Toltecs relied on war for there survival and also trading with other clans.

Very good summary.
Grade: 40/40. Very good work!--Andy Schlafly 21:06, 15 October 2011 (EDT)