World History Homework Five Answers - Student Fourteen

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1. submit to Allah, pray to Allah five times a day, fasting during the month of Ramadan, Muslums must donate to the poor, and must travel to mecca at least once.

Correct, but note that fasting is during daylight hours only.

2. It uses force to convert people and it doesn’t require faith.

Succinct and well stated.

3. Charles the hammer because of his struggles to get the position (including getting jailed) and what he did with it.


4. I liked the fact that there was secure jobs and land holdings.

Superb again, proper grammar here would be "there were," not "there was."

5. Sunnis are generally more peaceful with some exceptions (notably al Qaeda) were as Shiites were strict and violent. Syria is Sunnis, and Iran is Shiite.


6. I noticed that there are few between 40% and 80%, meaning that once they have the power they would destroy all other religions in the nation.


7. The Teotihuacans were a normal Central American Indian civilization, the Maya were intelligent and advanced Indian knowledge but they abruptly disappeared around A.D.900, the Toltecs were more of a nomadic warring tribe compared to the Maya and Teotihuacan tribes, the Aztecs were the most warlike tribe of the five and frustrated the Spanish attempts to take the new world, the Incas were the largest Indian empire and had a large population.


H2. It is possible but would take lots of money time and effort to establish it.

Good point about the money and effort needed. May use as a model answer!

H5. For the western Europeans it was the best system of government at that point in time, as for the Japanese it is a good system of government for the islands.

Good analysis.

H5/6. I think that the court got it right because Quakers are exempt from fighting because of religion.

OK, but explain a bit more. Quakers are against all warfare, while Muslims are not.
Good, concise answers. 99/100. Well done!--Andy Schlafly 22:01, 7 March 2009 (EST)