World History Homework Nine Answers - Student 1

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1. After taking the midterm exam, I should try to improve my score in the future by reading all the answer choices carefully and choosing the most reasonable answer based on my prior knowledge. I should also continue studying the Study Guide ahead of time so I will not have to memorize everything the night before the test.


7. After the Reign of Terror ended with Robespierre’s death, Napoleon seized all the power in France as its dictator in 1799. By 1802, he had signed peace treaties with major enemies like Great Britain, Russia, and Austria and implemented a successful system of laws known as the Napoleonic Code. It was also during his reign when France sold a massive territory of land to the United States for 15 million dollars, this transaction known today as the Louisiana Purchase. After conquering most of continental Europe, Napoleon’s downfall began with his failed invasion of Russia in the winter of 1812, and in June 1815, Napoleon was finally defeated by Prussia and Great Britain at the Battle of Waterloo. I believe that Napoleon was an important political leader to the French people after the revolution, as well as one of the greatest military commanders of all time.

Superb answer. Note that the detailed Napoleonic Code became the system of "civil law" that exists in Louisiana to this day. Louisiana is the only state that does not rely on the "common law" of the English system. Under "common law" many rules are established by court decisions, while under "civil law" nearly all the rules are established by legislation.

9. The Congress of Vienna was a convention of European nations including Prussia, Austria, Great Britain, Russia, and France after Napoleon’s final defeat. This convention proposed a balance of power among rival nations to ensure that no single nation could threaten the others. Alliances called the Concert of Europe were established between the nations requiring assistance of each other if war broke out, protecting against any revolutions or invasion. A lasting peace in Europe resulted from the impact of the new balance of powers, as well as the new legitimacy of monarchies and the creation of several independent nations.

Very good explanation

Terms: Reign of Terror, Napoleon, Battle of Waterloo, Congress of Vienna, Concert of Europe

Good choice of terms!
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