World History Homework Nine Answers - Student Nine

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Nate H
April 2, 2009
World History
Homework Assignment 9

1. Do not cram

Excellent point!

2. England lost all decency within its great country. It was organized chaos. America gained more citizens by it because people in England got fed up with everything that was going on.

Superb. May use as a model.

3. The French Revolution: all bad, or was there something good about it? The French Revolution freed the people. It started out with a just cause and ended in destruction. It turned into a mob.

Terrific point about turning into a mob.

4. The American Revolution is the most popular revolution. A weaker child country took on the mother country and defeated it. It started because the king of England increased the taxes of the American’s to pay for England’s debts.


5. People were either to scared or they were satisfied with their current position. Plus a revolution is started when everybody with the same goal gather together. In order to achieve that, a leader needs to bring the people together. Everybody in a single country could want to overthrow the government, but unless someone brings them together they might not even know that there are other people who want to overthrow the government.

Superb again.
Well done. 50/50.--Andy Schlafly 21:05, 5 April 2009 (EDT)