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1.Now that you've taken the midterm exam, how might you have prepared better? (5 words or less)

Comprehending the reasons behind History.

Superb. May use as a model!

2. Religious wars in England: its loss, America's gain. Explain.

Because there was so much fighting in England many people, especially the Puritans, moved to America since there they would be free from the controversies going on in England. England loss many people to America, which later on would help America win the revolutionary war against England. Also, in England, many of the people favored having Protestant kings or queens and were not ready to welcome and Catholic kings no matter if they were the rightful heirs. Catholicism did not thrive as much since most of the kings were Protestant. It always hurts the surrounding when you fight brother to brother and it increases the advantage of your enemies against you because you will have the loss of many people and trust of the government.


3. The French Revolution: all bad, or was there something good about it?

The French Revolution was a gruesome period in France when people expressed themselves in horrid and evil actions. The people of France did not try to solve problems peacefully and did not care that they destroyed many innocent people’s lives. They were blood-thirsty and wanted to kill as much as they could after the government collapsed with humanity and a flourishing society with it. The people were probably tired of being ruled by one person who most likely used his power for his benefit instead of theirs. They wanted a change and they got it. The last king and queen of England, Louis the 13th and Marie Antoinette, spent so much money on themselves and their friends that could have gone to the starving poor. The king and queen were not frugal people and loved spending the king’s treasure on magnificent things such as Versailles, luscious balls and dinners, and rich fabrics for clothing. This was the last straw for the people of France. The French Revolution was a very important part of French history because it ended the line of kings that had been ruling for many years and gave inspiration to the French to start thinking and doing things that were unheard of before. The French Revolution was not all bad because the kings were not thinking about their people and this selfishness needed to end. However, the French could have reacted differently, in a less aggressive way.

Terrific analysis!

5. Why do you think it took the world so long before revolutions started occurring?

Many people were ready for a change and many people thought outside the box and started boycotting against the king. The citizens of nations ruled by a king were finally realizing that many kings were using their powers to benefit themselves. Everyone was happy and had no ideas about rebelling since all people who held boycotts were killed. The king’s army was too powerful for them to overcome. When America gained its freedom from Henry the 8th they sparked an idea or practice into the heads of others. They saw how newly-freed America was prospering without a king. The idea to rebel and kick the king off the throne was contagious since it brought more possibilities and more freedom, especially for the poor. We all want everything to be the best it can get so that we may benefit from it. The poor people were tired of the king cheating them out of their money. They wanted more for themselves.

Good expression that sums up the essence of a "revolution" in history: when people "thought outside the box"!

H1. Does art follow politics, or lead it? Comment in connection with "revolutionary art (including music)."

Art precedes politics because art depicts what the people living in that time period are thinking and their opinions of the government, religion, or society which greatly affects the people in power who try to satisfy the people. The revolutionary art and also music describes the new method of thinking and lifestyles. Romanticism was a movement defined by mostly art and music in the 19th century. It defined the emotion and imagination that many artists felt at that time. Romanticism was a way for artists to express themselves and their ideas in art instead of focusing mostly on the likeness of reality. This type of art brought a new way of thinking and may have help initiate the many revolutions that were going on at that time.

Superb, will use as a model!
Terrific answers. I think you meant to return and add one more! 60/60. Well done.--Andy Schlafly 12:25, 6 April 2009 (EDT)