World History Homework Nine Answers - Student Seven

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Jenna N.

1. Now that you've taken the midterm exam, how might you have prepared better? (5 words or less)

By focusing more on how the major empires correlated with one another.

Excellent. May use as a model, though I think the word "correlated" is not the best usage there. Perhaps "compared"?

2. The French Revolution: all bad, or was there something good about it?

The French Revolution was one of the worst wars in history and hardly anything good came out of it. However, this revolution did show the rest of Europe what not to do.

Superb point.

3. Pick another revolution and describe it.

The Haitian revolution resulted in the first independent black republic and the only nation that was formed by a successful slave revolt. It was also only the second country in the new world to declare independence from Europe.

Well done.

4. Why do you think it took the world so long before revolutions started occurring?

Revolutions did not start until the 1700s because before the 1700s countries had stricter penalties for disobeying the government.

Good insight.

5. H3. The Louisiana Purchase was a "win-win" deal, meaning it was advantageous for both sides. Explain.

The Louisiana Purchase gave Napoleon the money he needed to make France a great nation and it gave America the land that they needed to become one of the most powerful counties in the world. Both sides highly benefited and flourished because of the Louisiana Purchase.

Perfect answers! 50/50.--Andy Schlafly 20:59, 5 April 2009 (EDT)