World History Homework Nine Answers - Student Six

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JonathanL 4/2/09 World History Week 9 homework

1.) cry

Ha ha ha. Good to have a sense of humor, particularly for exams!

2.) The more the British fight among themselves the more the United States comes together.

Well, I really meant the 1600s! But I guess it's still true today, except now Britain is an ally in the Iraq War and all other wars in the past 100-150 years. (Minus 1).

3.) It started off as a legitimate rebellion, but as with many uprisings, once someone has too much power and a lot of spare time, they create havoc.


4.) The American Revolution. Now we are ( were ) free!


5.) Simply because revolutions were not something people even fathomed. It was insane to think about throwing over your ruler.


H1} Well in theory the government is supposed to be at the service of the people. That would lead us to believe that art drives politics, because the people feel a certain way, they throw paint at a canvas, and the government is supposed to obey that.

I like that "colorful" expression. Is that what democracy is really like, throwing paint in a random way at a canvas???

H2) The most interesting thing about Napoleon is that he was like a dwarf. How they took him seriously I do not know… However, I do that throughout history little people are attracted to big power, like Napoleon. Also small people generally like powerful cars; I guess it makes them feel “bigger.” �

Was he really a "dwarf"? He was very short, but I think you might have overstated the significance of that. Still, many do talk about the "Napoleonic complex" to this day. Big people are attracted to big power also, by the way.
Well done. 69/70.--Andy Schlafly 20:53, 5 April 2009 (EDT)