World History Homework One Answers - Student Five

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JonathanL 2/5/09 World History Week one

1) I hope to come out with a better understanding of history from an unbiased perspective.


2) Personally I think the beginning of time lends itself most to dispute… I am not saying that I disagree with the dates, however, if the beginning is false, every “logical” conclusion made after that must also be false.

No, the later dates are not necessarily dependent on the accuracy of the first one. There are independent bases for later dates, although they are probably not precise either.

3) Yes, it was a success, in those times… that said, this code would not be successful today, as an “eye for an eye” would not fly under modern day law, on top of that the means of tracking down someone to convict them are far superior now than back then. We do not need an eye for an eye, unless the crime is severe enough.


4) The Assyrian Empire was first, then the Chaldean Empire, and finally the Persian Empire. My personal favorite is the Persian Empire, as their dominance was during a time when they were not the only great power.

Good point about the Persian Empire.

5.) There are many conflicts that can be tracked to the Middle East. The dispute over holy land is of the greatest significance.

Good, but add specificity. (Minus 1).

6.) The old kingdom, the middle kingdom, and the new kingdom…. The greatest accomplishment of Ancient Egypt was their unique way of watering fields. Did this start as early as when Joseph was there?… the ancient Egyptians feel for agriculture was unmatched.

Excellent. Add some dates for the kingdoms.

H2) There is not a particular dialect that determines the rise or fall of an empire, as no matter what culture we are in, all people feel the same general emotions, just the way of describing them is what really counts. The Egyptians two flaws were their language, and the fact that their “god” or Pharaoh, died. This created disbelief, and the fact that their written language was so inferior was instrumental in the inability to keep concise records, which till this day are hard to decipher… one has to wonder though, was their lack of an efficient language purposeful, as the ancient Egyptians did keep marvelous tallies of their successes, failures, food stores and population… this “language” was efficient, and the only time they used this picture language was in tombs when describing something mystical, which is far different from using it as a true language.

Interesting insights!

H4) The Babylonians also had superior gardens, which included the first Hydroponics systems, the hanging gardens at Babylon. This showed their intellect, as hydroponics is a far more efficient way to grow plants than in traditional soil.

Superb. Will use as a model answer!
Score: 79/80. Great start!--Andy Schlafly 20:34, 8 February 2009 (EST)