World History Homework One Answers - Student Twenty

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1. What do you hope to accomplish with this course? I like applying what I learn to everyday life, and I think during these times that we live in, World History will really help.


2. Look at the estimated dates in the three tables. Pick any one that you dispute, or are most interested in, and discuss it briefly. I am most interested in the time around the Tower of Babel because that was a very defining moment in linguistic diversity (God splitting the people into many different languages).


3. Write about any aspect of Hammurabi's Code, such as its similarity or differences with the Ten Commandments, or its role in making the society (which society was it?) a success. I think it is similar to the Golden Rule, but it is an exaggerated and irrational version. If this law was less harsh, they might have grasped the Golden Rule, and that could have lead to a better Babylon.


4. List the major ancient empires from the lecture in approximate chronological order, and identify which one you like best, and why. Mesopotamia - about 3500 B.C. Egypt - about 3100 B.C. Babylon - about 2300 B.C. Israel - 1010 B.C. I like Mesopotamia because of its mystery, prosperity, and also the geography: placed between two rivers that bring fertile soil to it.

Superb. Will use as a model.

5. Current Events Question: What controversy today can be traced back in origin to something in this week's lecture, such as current Middle East conflicts? I really like the way that the Bible documents The story of Abram (later, Abraham), and his two sons, Ishmael and Isaac. In addition, I also like the way the conflict carries over up until now. (no, I do not like the conflict itself, just the story.)


6. Describe the three kingdoms of ancient Egypt, and mention what you like most about the culture or achievements of ancient Egypt. The Old Kingdom (3100-2200 B.C.) The Middle Kingdom (2100-1650 B.C.) The New Kingdom (1550-700 B.C.) What I like most about the achievements of ancient Egypt is the pyramids and their devotion to their leaders, except for treating them like "gods."

Perfect start! 60/60!--Andy Schlafly 22:33, 8 February 2009 (EST)