World History Homework One Answers - Student Twenty-Five

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World History Homework 1


1. To learn about world history and come out with a good grade.


2. I like the timeline of the drawings with meanings like the sun. It’s interesting how it goes from hard to harder. Why wouldn’t they go to easier?

Interesting insight!

3. I think they deal with things similarly. The Jews were stoned if they lied to someone, and the Babylonians tongues were cut out.


4. Samaria, Babylon, Israel, Persia, Egypt. I liked Persia best because they had great strategy to take over Babylon with elephants.

"Sumer", not "Samaria" (which was a city in the Kingdom of Israel later). (Minus 1).

5. The Fight between Christianity and Islam. It started with Ishmael and Isaac


6. The Old Kingdom, The Middle Kingdom, and the New Kingdom. I think it was just amazing how they made those pyramids.

Good, but add dates. (Minus 1).


H1. Jerusalem was the place where Solomon built God's temple.

Right. Will use as a model answer.

H4. Even though Hammurabi’s code really help them to excel, it was way to harsh of a code in some situations. If a surgeon loses a patient that is out of his control. He should not be punished in losing his had for something he could not control.

Excellent point. May use as a model answer.
Good start. Score: 78/80.