World History Homework Six Answers - Student Seven

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American History 6 James G.

1. The time period from 150 A.D. to 1500 A.D. was referred to as the Middle Ages. The Crusades occurred from A.D. 1096 to A.D. 1291.


H3. Joan of Arc was a poor peasant that lived during the time of the Hundred Year’s War. Joan of Arc, being called by God led the French army in many victories against the English. To claim that she wasn’t called by God is a foolish thought, for how else could a poor peasant teenage GIRL gain command of the French army. Truly the hand of God was with her until the end. Despite being betrayed by her own king, who told the English to do as they would with her instead of paying the relatively low ransom when she was captured, being called a heretic by the very priests of the God she loved, and was tortured and starved she still loved the Lord and sang praises as she was burned upon the stake.


2. The Mongols conquered the largest region in history. Their leader Ganghis Khan reigned from 1162-1227 A.D.


3. During the Middle Ages England and France established nation states while Italy and Germany weren’t able to.

Correct again!

H5. I believe that the first three Crusades had very good intentions. The few Crusades that came after were rather useless and for selfish reasons. In the case of the Children’s Crusade it was just plain idiocy.


6. My favorite aspect of Scholasticism is that while faith is needed in the Lord to be saved, Scholasticism encourages thinking and exploring the farthest reaches of our faith. In doing this we draw ourselves closer to God.

Superb, may use as a model.

7. The biggest effect of the Crusades in the Middle Ages was to introduce Europe to other cultures and ideas. This would lead to trade with other lands which would enrich Europe in ways that couldn’t be possible without the crusade.

Excellent, may use as a model!
70/70. Perfect!