World History Homework Ten Answers - Student Nineteen

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World History Homework 10


1. It started in England in 1807 but quickly started to spread out to the rest of Europe.

Right about the "where", but could be more precise about the period of "when" in England (1760-1840). (Minus 1).

2. I like Louis Pasteur because he invented the cure for rabies even when everyone doubted him.

Excellent, but I asked for two. Always be sure to answer the question. (Minus 2).

3. I think it was good because it started to get Europe’s whole economy up and moving and using machines rather then doing everything by hand.


4. In Italy, Venice and Rome were both added to the union in 1870.

Good again.

5. Imperialism is extending out your power and making a larger empire. 1. Establish Colonies 2. Establish protectorates 3. Spheres of influence 4. Economic imperialism.


6. In the late 1800s, an African ethnic group known as the Zulus rose to power in southern Africa, led by a military African genius named Shaka. But his successors could not retain power. By 1887 the British, with better military technology, defeated the Zulus.


7. The Dutch harvested rubber and extracted tin and oil from the area. Many Dutch immigrated to the region and worked in trading posts and managed plantations.



H2. I think Imperialism is good because it can also keep your country safe. Before America settled all throughout the country the people farther inland were always dyeing from Indian attacks.

Interesting argument. (Note: dying, not dyeing).

H3. Nationalism is a good thing because the country needs the loyalty of the people or else it will just crumble.


H4. It opened up the country to everyone in the world after it signed with America. It learned things from each of the countries and all about each countries military and everything else that could be effective against people.

97/100. Good.--Andy Schlafly 15:36, 19 April 2009 (EDT)