World History Homework Ten Answers - Student Ten

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Nate H

April 16, 2009

World History

Homework Assignment 10

1. The industrial Revolution began in 1760 in England.

Correct, but also note that it ended (it was complete) in 1840, at least in England. (Minus 1).

2. My two favorite scientists or mathematicians from the 1800s are Louis Pasteur and Bernhard Riemann. Louis Pasteur didn’t quit and he found out how to kill bacteria. Bernhard Riemann was a Christian mathematician.


3. The Industrial revolution had both its good aspects and its bad ones. The good is that more things could be produced in a shorter amount of time. The bad thing is that the farmers started to dissipate since the need for them lessened.


4. An example of nationalism is Italy. Men fought and started rebellions just to unite the country.

OK, but mention the time frame.

5. Imperialism is one nation trying to control another nation or people group. The four patterns of imperialism are establish colonies, establish protectorates, mother country would get special trading privilege, and the country is influenced by someone outside.


6. Imperialism in Africa began with the invention of the steam engine. It encourage Europe to explore more of Africa.

Could say more. (Minus 1).

7. An Aspect of Asian history is Malaria. It has always been a problem in Africa. The Europeans developed an immunization to prevent themselves from contracting it.

Good work. 68/70.--Andy Schlafly 10:38, 19 April 2009 (EDT)